Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Jake!

Merry Christmas from Jake!

Howdy, Y’all! This is Jake the Wondermutt. I’m getting older and spend my time napping. Keeping up with my people is exhausting!

Our year started well. Abbie played BOOM softball. Kait played Lonestar Soccer. She built the Keystone River Run Gondola and wrote a song. D’Lyn substituted at HBMS. Then … wait for it…. They brought home a puppy for Valentine’s Day. A puppy! Things haven’t been the same since Grayleigh Breck arrived. Breck ate a roll of toilet paper; I took a nap. My people skied/rode Beaver Creek and A-Basin for Spring Break. Epic snowball fight. The girls did their first double black diamond. Abbie & Kait were selected for the DFW 3-Day Youth Corps. Breck ate Mom’s book club book. I took a nap. Kait & Cate performed their original “He is the Light” at the Talent Show. God’s Not Dead! Franklin BBQ is worth the wait! Easter at the Creek with the Roarks – the septic system backed up. Ew! Biggs chaperoned the 5th grade Field Trip and toured an underground Prohibition-era brothel. D’Lyn took 7 kids to the Wyldlife Food Fight – then had to bring them home. Kait medaled at the District Robotics Competition. She got a concussion at soccer practice. Abbie played basketball, ran track and threw the discus for HBMS. Her ACT scores were State Recognized, and she is over-qualified to be a college football player. She was inducted into the NJHS. Kait loved wakeboard, basketball and ACU camps; Abbie hated Cavs Course. Breck ate a sock. I napped. Abbie played softball with STS. Reese’s Oreos, Lick Ice Cream, Krause Springs and Opi’s BBQ. Kait lived the dream at Rice Soccer Camp. Abbie aced Rice Volleyball Camp and Wyldlife Camp. D’Lyn’s hair was famous. Grannie Nelva’s 80th birthday! Breck ate the rug. Abbie FINALLY got her braces off. Abbie & Kait spent two weeks at Camp Blue Haven. Abbie earned the Bible award and “Crested” again. Biggs & D’Lyn fished Matagorda Bay with Scott Baehren. D’Lyn won. Breck ate a bra. I napped. Abbie was selected to play softball in Italy next summer! Ice Bucket Challenge! Kait is in 6th grade with her first locker. Abbie is in 8th – and is taking two HS classes. Her calculator is smarter than Mom. She played Volleyball for HBMS. That girl can serve! Breck learned to hunt Opening Weekend (I abstained.) Abbie joined Austin Stars 01; Biggs is coaching. Kait loves Wyldlife and her leaders. Shake it Off! Biggs & D’Lyn began a 4-6 week bathroom renovation to be finished by Halloween. Kait turned 12 and celebrated at Krause Springs. Biggs & D’Lyn celebrated their 17th anniversary. Breck flooded the kitchen, pantry and pool potty. A week later, Biggs was in Germany when it rained, flooded the kitchen, collapsed the retaining wall and the pool became a pond. Biggs got a leg lamp and a big mess for his birthday. Breck landscaped the back yard. We did not get Ebola. Or droplets. Abbie hits like Mike. Breck threw a party while our people were out of town. I napped. The police were called. Breck got hate mail. D’Lyn dyed her hair pink. Kait got braces – again. Houston hugs at the Renaissance Festival. Breck destroyed the trampoline and an ice chest. D’Lyn stalked Jen Hatmaker. Team Tiara raised over $60,000 for breast cancer. D’Lyn walked, and Abbie & Kait gave great hugs. Shiny Hineys everywhere! Abbie turned 14 on Day 3! Austin Stars ROCKED the Fall – can’t wait for Spring. Hand warmers in your bra. Breck called the police. Peanut Butter Fudge Cake for Thanksgiving in Waxahachie. Thanksgiving soccer tourney in Plano = time with friends. Kait is almost as tall as Abbie. Biggs is now “self-employed.” D’Lyn needs Duck Face for Dummies. Our bathroom STILL isn’t finished. Team Tiara celebrates 10 years and the $1 Million mark in 2015. Abbie will walk with D’Lyn! And… Must mail this quickly to say the girls had all A’s!

We hope you had a great 2014 and are wishing you a
Fantabulous 2015!  May God Bless You!

Love, Jake & Co. 

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