Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snowmama D'Lyn???

Tonight I applied to be a Snowmama -- or at least I attempted to.  Whether or not I've actually applied is somewhat up in the air.  You see, my computer kept getting stuck on Step 2.

If you know me, you know I was pretty much born to be a Snowmama. I've been a Room-Mama and a Soccer-Mama and a Softball-Mama for years. I'm a DI-Mama.  I've been a Substitute-Mama and a Cooking-Mama, and I know I'd be a darn good Snowmama.

I LOVE the Snowmamas and the advice they give.  They ROCK.  Like KISS. As a Snowmama, I'd get to share all the tips and tricks we've learned to make our vacations in Park City a breeze -- like ordering our groceries from Grocery Girls and how we get our skis delivered to our door by Ski Valet.  I'd get to share about my favorite runs and adventure trails.  And about how YUMMY the hot cocoa is at the bottom of the slopes.  (BEST EVER!!!) Most of all, I'd get to share how their Signature 5 Ski School is the Bees Knees!!!

Here's the deal.....

I started out wanting to video my answers to their application questions.  That didn't exactly work.  I've never made a "movie" before, and my skills just aren't honed in that department. It was kind of like when I got rundown on by that crazy skier last year.  It was a MESS.

So I answered the questions as best I could, then attempted to attach some Biggs-style entertainment to my application -- just for grins.

And that's where things went awry.

So here, for all four of you to enjoy....   Ski Houston by the Biggs Bunch.

Wasn't that a hoot???

If you want to know what our crew looks like on "real" snow, check out these pictures from Park City Mountain Resort.  Now don't you think I'm meant to be a Snowmama???

D's Note:  These next two pictures are from the top of McConkey's.  When Chris Seidman preaches about how you can experience a bit of Heaven on Earth, he must be talking about the top of McConkey's lift.  By far my favorite ski place -- EVER!!!


jacquie said...

You will be a great snowmama!!

Tim * Krista said...

Love your blog and your application. We received it... three times :). We'll be in touch soon.

Snowmama Krista

Haley said...

Just stumbled across your adorable blog...I applied for snowmama's as well...You would make a great choice! How cute is your family! xo Haley

D'Lyn said...

Thanks, Haley! I think being a Snowmama would be Snow much fun! Good luck!!