Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's YOUR Story?

I haven't been here in awhile, and I apologize for that.  But, well.... Not really. 

I've been being a Mom -- and loving it.  I was really sad to see the girls go back to school this morning -- and not just because I couldn't sleep in. 

We had THE BEST time over Christmas break.  Yes, they bickered from time to time. But we spent a LOT of time just BEING.  As a family.  It was great. 

I've also been pouring a ton of effort into Team Tiara's new website --  

Our goal is to feature 365 Survivors and Pink Warriors in 2012. We want to show that you can make a difference in big ways and in small. That breast cancer needs our focus 365 days a year -- not just in October. That the roads traveled through this battle are just as diverse as those fighting it. 

Please take some time to check out If you subscribe to the "daily download," you'll wake up to an inspirational story each morning from a Pink Warrior. I promise you it will start your mornings off right and remind you every morning why you need to help make a difference.

Guess what? We need your help, too. Would you please send us your story along with a picture? And the link to YOUR fundraising page or blog or ways you help???? 

If you're a Survivor, it might be how you were diagnosed, what meant the most to you during your fight and advice you can pass along. If you're a walker, it might be what inspires you -- why you do this CRAZY thing. Your story might be about serving a friend or loved one who is fighting the battle -- driving to chemo treatments, preparing meals, shuttling kids. Maybe your story is about how you built a TEAM for the 3-Day  or Race for the Cure or how you walk multiple walks. Or maybe it's about the gift of being a crew member or volunteer. 

We need stories from Men and Women, Survivors and Supporters, from all 50 states. From all walks of life. 

Please share! As of today, we "only" need 355 more stories! We have plenty of room for YOURS. Don't forget the link to your personal fundraising page or blog if you have one! We include that at the end of each post!!! 

You can send those stories and questions to me at dlyn (at) And don't forget to check out I guarantee you will be blessed. 


Shannon said...

I found your Pinktober365 blog last night via Twitter! Aaron tweeted about the blog and of course I had to check it out. I loved reading Aaron's story, and I read another fellow Tweeps story, Jay Furr, too! And thank YOU for sharing the reason you walk and how Team Tiara was formed. Looking forward to following both blogs!

D'Lyn said...

Thank you!!!!!!! PLEASE send us your story, too!!! I just now updated Team Tiara's story -- wish I'd gotten that done before you read it! Thanks so much for your support!
- d.