Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Princess Guide: Reality Bites

This LOVELY shirt that I'm wearing is my "Victory" shirt from the first year I did the 3-Day.  It's significance today is two-fold. First, it's the perfect example of what happens if you're at the back of the pack on the 3-Day.  Lisa and I didn't know what we were doing -- and I was one of the last walkers across the finish line.  ALL they had left was a size small.  Good thing I can wear it for you today!!!

The other reason this shirt is significant today is what it represents. This was my first year of the 3-Day. The year Mom was still alive. The year she watched our fundraising totals every single day. The year she sent pink roses for me to have at the Finish Line.

That was a year of hope and of promise. We had no idea that we would lose her a very short nine months later. 

Reality hit here yesterday.  For much of my 3-Day season, I'm full-steam ahead. It's not that I forget why I'm doing this -- that's not possible -- but I don't allow myself to become bogged down in the "why."

Until now, I've been about details, details, details -- getting 45 people pointed in the same direction.

But yesterday, I started working on the things that make my 3-Day experience unique. My friend Lori cut out the pink tiaras I pass out on the Walk. I just have to add Mom's picture and the verse for the back.  I put together the collage of pictures that I'll leave for Mom in the Memory Tent when I write this year's letter to her.  THAT was HARD.  And I made the signs I'll wear on the Walk. One in Mom's memory.  And one in support of my Uncle Don. 

My emotions are at the top.  Almost overflowing.  But you know what? This time Thursday, I'll be surrounded by my 3-Day Family. And friends, that just brings a big, happy smile to my face!!!


scrapwithnadine said...

Girl, I'm with ya...my experiences are different than yours by far, but my emotions have been running high today too. Hope I can still finish my packing through it! Thinking of you and what this next 36 hrs means to you. Love you and can't wait to do this with the Tiara family!

Kayren said...

Just want to say that I love you. I know you get to this day every year and I hate it for you. I hate that you have to do it. I'm here and am ready to see your face and hug your neck and walk to that memory tent and whatever you need! Love you!