Friday, November 11, 2011

The Princess Guide: I DID Do That

This shirt really should read, "I DID Do That!"  Yes, folks, I DID do the 3-Day!  ALL 60 miles!!!  I can't tell you how jazzed that makes me!  My feet, ankles and knees -- not so much.  But the rest of me is over-the-moon excited. 

I have so many things to tell, so much that touched my heart while on the Walk.  BUT I need to have more than 10 minutes or so in a stretch to get it all down. 

For now, I want to encourage you to join Team Tiara on our quest for a CURE.

Don't Click the "Back" Button!  Hear me out for a second.

IF you register for the Breast Cancer 3-Day before December 1, and use the discount code CURE2012, you'll save $35 on your registration.  Even more, you'll have ELEVEN months before the actual walk.

ELEVEN months to complete your fundraising -- the $2300 required to walk.

IF you want to Crew, the DFW Crews fill up FAST.  Don't delay your registration.  The good thing about Crew?  You aren't required to do any fundraising.  But if you do raise money, it's a Bonus and SAVES LIVES.  Crew has SO many options -- there are so many servant roles that make the 3-Day work.  I'm sure at least ONE of them would fit you.

This is what I know.  A LOT can happen in ELEVEN months. Babies will be born.  Weddings will take place.  Loved ones could require our attention in ways we can't foresee right now.

WOMEN and MEN will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Too many will die.

But just for a second, what if you did register for the 3-Day?  I'm not asking you to commit to walking at this point -- I'm asking you to commit to being a part of Team Tiara.  If life happens and you can't walk, it happens.  But along the way you will have raised $500 or $1000 or $2300 or $5000 for the CURE.  Along the way, you will have SAVED LIVES. 

And you know what?  One in SIX women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime.  That could be you.  That could happen in the next ELEVEN months. 

And if it does happen?  The life you save could very well be your own.

Please join Team Tiara.  Please help us make a difference.  Register at  Use that discount code CURE2012 to save $35 on your registration.  If something happens to keep you from walking, we'll understand.  But in the meantime, we need YOU to help US find a CURE.

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Thankful for all you do, Cyndi Anderson said...

Way to go for walking all 60. Thank you for all you do to beat the beast. I'm off to register because I missed you all and the experience this year. There is nothing like it. Thanks for continuing to inspire us. Thank you for reminding us constantly that the fight isn't over. Love you D'Lupe!