Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Princess Guide: Whupped.

Whew.  I have run all-out today. I got Kait to school this morning, spread some Team Tiara Thankful Thursday cheer, took Abs to the Orthodontist (Braces in two weeks!), ran to the Gypsy Market, bought a few Christmas gifts, back to Fairfield for a Chiropractor appt. (Nothing's wrong -- thank goodness!), got the girls, finished making the shoe pretties for Team Tiara, Abbie to a hitting lesson, back home, floor installer-guy came to do an estimate, put together the "Chapter Books" Sock Hop Basket for Mrs. Deckard's class, and just sat down.   

I've had no time to post today's picture -- one of my favorite shirts ever (does that sound familiar?) because last year we highlighted our FIFTH year to walk in the DFW 3-Day.

 Beyond thinking of today as Thankful Thursday, I've also been thinking of it as $1000 Thursday.  Can you PLEASE help me get two of my walker friends to the $1000 mark? Just go to and click on Julie Mullen or Amy Martin.  Any amount will help!!

Thank you!!!

And now, a picture of the "Chapter Books" basket donated by Mrs. Deckard's 5th Grade Class. If you're at the Sock Hop tomorrow night, you're going to want this one!  I added up the "List Price" of all the books and it came to over $400!!!  These parents ROCK!!!!

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