Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Princess Guide: Today

Today was a GREAT day!  Today was Pink Shirt Day at Dresser, and Team Tiara treated the Dresser gang to some seriously yummy treats!  It was so much fun to hear them exclaim over all the yumminess!!!

Today I also found out about a VERY special Tiara who needs YOUR help.  In spades.  Her name is Dani Hiehle, and you'll find her 3-Day fundraising page HERE.  Dani is $2000 short of the minimum $2300 required to walk. She NEEDS this walk, and she NEEDS help.  I don't want to share her story -- I haven't asked if I can, and it's not my story to tell. But needless to say, she's had a tough road. 

I know there are only four of you who read this blog, but here's the deal.  IF you aren't in a position to help Dani with her fundraising, would you please email 10 people you know and ask them if they can help??  

You know I can't do math.  But if all four of you could email 10 people who could donate $50 each, we could get Dani to the $2300 mark ASAP. 

Can you help?

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Kayren said...

Oh I love you but you are so goofy with your I can't do math... I guess that is what makes us awesome together. I can do math but can't spell and you can spell but well you know : )