Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Princess Guide: Today Started with Such Promise....

Today started off with soooo much promise!

I have to tell you, I've had a blast thinking about which shirt to wear each day. Today started off inspired -- I'd wear this cute top that I bought at HEB (of all places) and talk about how important it is to take care of your feet when you're trekking 60 miles in three days.  If the shoe shirt fits, wear it -- right?

(As I type this, my children are having a food fight with hummus in the kitchen.  Oh my stars.)

So.... I get up this morning with my brilliant plan for today and find that NONE of the khaki shorts in my closet fit anymore. They're all falling off me.  Good problem to have.  So.....  I start digging around and find the shorts in this picture.  These are pre-Abbie.  Really.  How cool is that??

I know they probably weren't in style back then, and they probably aren't now -- but who cares??  It's not like I'm a fashion maven or anything.

I got all the kiddos to school, then I was off to see my orthotics guru -- John Ross at OPA in Bellaire.  John is God's gift to my feet.  He keeps me walking. And off the carts at Wal-Mart.  John Rocks.

He made some minor adjustments to my old pair of orthos and did the molds for a new set, and I was on my way....

To see Khristy Carley -- God's gift to my hair. I'd been looking like SUCH a hippie, and Khristy worked her kind of magic, and I'm not a hippie any more.

Promising day, still.

Came home, did a few things around the house, and after school my DI friends came over. Spent a LOVELY hour with them while they did their planning, then it was off to Kait's soccer practice.

Went well -- Read some of a new book, got ready to leave, and BAM! 

There it went.  My promising day.

As I type this, Biggsy is attempting to replace the battery in my truck, and I'm fairly certain we have a date with Webb Automotive tomorrow morning.  Joy!  Such Joy!

BUT.....   I mustn't get totally distracted from my purpose!  You've got to protect those feet!!! 

Just a few tips.....

Bring moleskin in your fanny pack. I cut mine in little strips that are ready to roll.  Or you can bring scissors. You can get moleskin at Wal-Mart with all that cool Dr. Scholl's stuff.

Use Body Glide.  It's smoooooooth.  You put it anywhere and everywhere you have friction. I mean ANYWHERE.   Especially on your feet.  Slap that stuff all over your feet before you put your socks on, and you'll be soooooo glad!  I carry a little thing in my backpack and have big things (shaped like deoderant) in my luggage.

Bring a fresh pair of socks for lunchtime.  Put them in a Ziploc in your fanny pack. When you swap, put the stinky pair in your Ziploc.  It keeps all those PB&J Graham Cracker Sandwiches that you're not hoarding from getting stinky, too.

Listen to your feet. If you start to feel a hot spot coming on, break out the moleskin.  Apply it. THEN Body Glide all over the top.  Moleskin will not stick to Body Glide, so it goes on first.

DO NOT for any reason, get a full pedicure until after the 3-Day. You NEED those calluses on the bottoms of your feet -- they're as good as gold!  Sure, go ahead and girlify your toes -- just keep the calluses. 

New shoes MUST have 20 miles on them BEFORE the 3-Day.  Only then will they begin to be broken in.

Don't just stretch your legs -- stretch your feet. Calf raises are great for this.  You can pick up a bajillion stretches just by watching other walkers on the walk. Learn from them. Especially if they look like they've been doing this all their lives.

Okay. In my totally frazzed, "what is tomorrow going to look like?" state, those are all the tips I can think of!!  If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know!!!

One note: I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of pink shirts before I finish all 38 Pinktober posts. If you design/ sell/ shop for pink ribbon shirts, and you just happen to want to send one my way, I will not turn it down!!! With a big, fat smile on my face, I'll happily tell everyone just where I got it!!! 


Kayren said...

old navy had some really cute shirts this year!

Limayra said...

Darn it..I just got a PEDI today 10/5. I forgot about that.... Oh well I will start walking barefoot outside all the time from now until the walk to get those calluses back :-)