Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Princess Guide: Save Second Base!

Is this shirt a hoot, or what???

Saturdays in Biggsville are all about sports -- so I thought it only appropriate to show you a REALLY cute Saving 2nd Base shirt!  This came from the Rue 21 shop up at the Outlet Mall, and I think it's just way too fun!!

As for Sports Saturday, Kait's team won their soccer game this morning against a team sporting LOTS of Kait's friends and former teammates. 

Abbie's team didn't win their softball game today, but they still did great. Abbie's pitching is really coming along.  AND she stole home!  Great game for Abbie-girl!

The Ags play tech tonight.  Now, I've hung in there with my Ags this season.  And I've watched them Tank in the second half.  I'm still hanging in there with them.  But if that happtens tonight, we're going to have issues.

Beat the Hell Outta Texas Tech!

Biggsy's HS Reunion is tonight, so I've gotta go get gussied up for that. 

By the way.... Tomorrow is Biggsy's birthday!   Just wait till you see the shirt I'm modeling for HIM!

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