Monday, October 17, 2011

The Princess Guide: Not Feeling all that Shiny.

Good Morning!!!

I chose this shirt today to hopefully help me get my Shine on!  It's not working yet.  But hopefully it will!!!

It's not that it's foggy outside....  Although I am ready for that to dissipate. 

You see, I kinda wrecked my bike a few weeks ago -- water bottles and bike basket flew everywhere.  I got up and rode 16 miles. Then I walked 7 miles the next day.  Then I realized I'm not 20 anymore.

Something happened with my back in that process, and it's just not the same.  This is NOT the news you want to share 18 days before a 60-mile walk. 

Frustrated does not even begin to share how I feel.

It was doing better.  I still had a bit of soreness, but it was better.  So much so that when I finally was able to see the chiropractor last week, we focused on how to make my back stronger and prevent future injury. 

Sounded pretty good.

Until I got home and realized just that chiro visit had set it off again.

And then yesterday I was packing and moving china and crystal, so the floor guys could install hardwoods -- and I could unpack the china and crystal next weekend. 

And this morning, getting this 40-year-old me out of bed was not the easiest.

So.... I'm trying to get my Shine on.  And wearing the best shirt for it!

This is a "vintage" Tiara shirt, but if you're just dying to own a couple, we still have One Youth Medium and One Youth Small.  They can be yours for $15 each. Just let me know!

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