Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Princess Guide: Moisture-Wicking Only Gets You So Far....

Today is Biggsy's #39 Birthday, and in a very Bucket List-type move, we did the Team Tiara Charity Relay at the Fairfield Triathlon this morning!  Our friend Nadine did the swim, I did the bike, and Biggsy did the run.

It was great!  BUT it was WET!  It threatened to rain right up to start time, but didn't really open up and do so until about Mile 7 of my bike ride. About the time I was passed by the 50th or so competitor. 

That part really cracked me up.  The first person to pass me was about 8 years old, and after that it was a steady stream.  Being the Team Tiara Turtle, I'm used to being passed on the route.  And it still brings a smile to my face when other participants give me an encouraging, "You're doing great."  If only they knew I was just fine with being passed!!

This isn't the best picture ever, but you can see that my bike and I were completely decked out.  I don't know if you can see my cute Tiara earrings (Turquoise to match my sparkle skirt.)  And isn't the bra on my bike basket a nice touch???

I think the best part was having them write my number on my arms and my age on my right calf.  People, this is as close as I'll ever get to having Tatts. I'm cool.  Of course, I had them fix the 40 and make it 40:31.  "Those who Hope in the Lord will renew their strength." 

I know for many of you biking in a Tri Relay hardly sounds like an accomplishment.  And I do think I'll be searching for new team members for next year -- I have a feeling Biggs and Nadine are going to move up to the "Real" event.

But if you knew me....  If you knew that four years ago I didn't even own a bike and had no idea what exercise looked like, you'd know this was an event that I am very proud to have accomplished! 

Four years ago I had no idea what moisture-wicking was.  Now, I wear it head to toe.  Which leads me to some VERY sound advice for my fellow 3-Day walkers!

Moisture-wicking is your friend!!!

Make sure your socks, shirts, bras, bike shorts, etc. are of a moisture-wicking fabric.  It will make ALL the difference in your experience.  It really cuts down on the chafing.  And I'll tell you what -- this is my SIXTH 3-Day walk. I've never had a blister. And I promise, wearing moisture-wicking socks are the reason!

Moisture-wicking will only take you so far. And in downpours like we've had for most of today you're still going to come out looking like a drowned rat.  But dadgummit, we'll take the rain -- and more if God sees fit to send it.  We have been praising God in this storm!


Kayren said...

Great post!! I am so very proud of you and totally love the way you turned your leg tat into 40:31 - you make me laugh!

D'Lyn said...

I know! I'm going to 40:31 my calves on the 3-Day, too!!!