Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Princess Guide: I'm Not in Pain.

Wow.  Bad picture.  I know it looks like I'm in pain, but I'm not.  If it weren't already 9:30 p.m., and the kids weren't already headed to bed, I'd have my official photographer (Abbie) do a retake. 

Here's a slightly better picture from early in the summer....

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be so concerned about getting today's picture right.  However, I spent much of yesterday "designing" Team Tiara's World Headquarters. 

You're probably wondering just what that involved.  Mainly -- getting all the pink Tiara "stuff" moved out of our house and into our new office building. 

Yep -- that's it!  All it needs is a bit more pink, and maybe a few boas here and there. 

Pretty exciting, isn't it??

Guess what?

It gets even better!

I've decided Team Tiara needs to have a Moving Sale!  We have a very limited supply of "Love Pink" shirts (see photo above).  These can be YOURS! They're $15 each, and I still have:

3 -- Adult Small
1 -- Adult Medium
4 -- Adult Large
4 -- Adult X-Large!

Just let me know if you want one!!!!


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