Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Princess Guide: I Would Have Missed This.

Hi Peeps!

It's taken me awhile to get around to the computer today.  Weekends are like that.  Biggsy is home and tends to monopolize the computer and office.  It's not as big an issue as it used to be -- thanks to my Crackberry and iPad.  But it's still an issue.

I really did want to get this picture up for you, because this particular Pink shirt is so very meaningful to me.  This is my "Trusting with Tracie" shirt, and the message it holds for me isn't the scripture printed on the back (although that's great) -- it's a different message.

You see, when Tracie Webb was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had no idea who she was. I think we'd been going to church at West Houston for six months or so -- and I wasn't in the loop. At all.  I just heard that this girl named Tracie had been diagnosed.  When some of her friends began selling shirts, I bought shirts for both Abbie and me.

The shirts are definitely a "Junior" fit -- and until now I really haven't been that comfortable wearing it.  But it's stayed in my closet amid all the Pink -- waiting patiently.

Today was THE DAY to wear this shirt.  We were helping West Houston serve lunch at the Impact Church of Christ downtown.  We're not exactly attending West Houston right now (I guess I can say that since the cat pretty much appears to be out of the bag.)  But we still are a part of our Small Group and wanted to join them this morning.

I needed to wear something casual (which fits perfectly where we HAVE been attending church.)  And this shirt was perfect for today.  You can't see that I'm wearing my $15 jeans from White House Black Market that are AMAZING.  Let me just tell you -- I ROCK in these jeans.  But that's neither here nor there.  And it's probably not very important that I tell you that during church Biggsy leaned over to tell me I was dressed like a teenager.  But you know what? At 40, I'll take that!

I know, I know.... Land the plane.

Okay. So, Komen has a campaign going lately where they're asking women to tell them what they would have missed if they hadn't been proactive about breast cancer.  This campaign has driven me nuts. 

Nuts, I tell you.

You see, in my "poor pity me" world, all I could think of was what I HAVE missed because breast cancer took my Mom.  And believe me, it's a long list.

But today I realized that if Tracie hadn't been proactive, I would have missed knowing HER.  You see, after two (?) years at West Houston, I didn't know many more people than I did when Tracie was diagnosed.  So chances are I wouldn't have found her.  I would have missed out on knowing a precious friend.  But because Tracie WAS diagnosed, and she IS alive and beautiful, and we DID have that link, I've gotten to know her. She's absolutely precious.  And she and her crew keep my truck (also known as the "Boobie Mobile") moving on down the road. 

This shirt is just a reminder of all that!

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