Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Princess Guide: Crew ROCKS!!!

So.... I've never been on 3-Day Crew, although I think it would be an AMAZING experience.  But I AM the proud owner of a Crew T-shirt that my friend Kait gave me when during our 3-Day Commercial-Filming Adventure in L.A.  And every time I wear it I think what a great gift the 3-Day Crew is to walkers.

They really are.  It's amazing how smoothly the 3-Day experience runs -- and all that's thanks to the Crew. These are the people who are hard at work before I even leave Houston for the walk. These are the people that meet us bright and smiling on Friday morning -- they help us park, they help us load our luggage into BIG trucks and they help us every step of the way after that.

They cook for us.  They hand us towels.  They cheer us on. They help us cross the street safely. They wrap our ankles and knees. They deal with sweaty, stinky feet all day long without a single complaint.  The 3-Day crew is the epitome of service. They are Jesus with skin on -- all day long.

I can't say enough about how incredible they are -- and there's really no way to thank them for that generosity of spirit.  But a simple "Thank You" will go a LONG way towards making them feel loved.

Please don't forget to do just that.

Now..... The carnage behind me is what a front yard looks like after NINE kids carve their pumpkins.  (This after TEN girls carved pumpkins in our driveway last night.)  I have already roasted 14 cups of pumpkin seeds.  NUTZ.  But it's been a fantastic weekend, and I'll leave you with a few more pictures....  (See, I'm not just about Pink, Pink, Pink.)

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Brenda said...

Let's see, pumpkins, Oct 31, must mean only 3 days until we leave for Dallas! Girl, I don't know how you do it! You are so imspirational and where do you find the time to sit down and blog with all you have going on!God must be blessing you abundantly with energy. Soooo looking forward to meeting you and the team on Thurs. God bless,