Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Princess Guide: Check out These Jeans!!!

No, it's not that they're the best-ever jeans. It's that they're JEANS!  And they're perfectly suited to this amazing weather that blew in overnight.  It's downright cool outside this morning. I'm making chili for dinner tonight, the kiddos are running around in Polar Fleece, and the Mama is LOVING wearing her some JEANS!!! 

Know what else I'm loving??  These Team Tiara T-shirts that came in yesterday!!! And guess what?? We have more if you just haven't ordered yours yet!!  We have short sleeve and long sleeve in both styles.  Random mix of sizes in Youth and Adult.  More of the "Strong Beki" shirts than we do the Monkey shirts.

If you want one, or more!, please let me know ASAP!  dlyn@teamtiara.net.

Speaking of Strong Beki, that girl needs your prayers!  She's one of  Team Tiara's greatest champions and is facing some big, fat, scary health issues.  Please pray for our sweet Beki!

We're only 16 days from walking in the 3-Day, and I'm starting to feel a bit of a YIKES! feeling!!!  I'm sure it's because I haven't really been able to train in a month, and the floor guys are coming today to create complete chaos in my house, and I'm picking up my new orthotics today and praying they will work perfectly from the start with no adjustments, and it's Pinktober.  Really, the fact that it's Pinktober explains it all. 

I've got all my socks, skirts, clothes, etc.  And I've got the hair pretties and shoe pretties made.  And I'm ordering my treats for our team today.  Things are coming together....  Or at least they will in 16 more days!


T.S. said...

I wish I was one of those organized people but I'm not. I ran across your blog in my obsession of reading about people's 3 day experiences. Then I lost the link. I thought I book marked it but it was no where to be found! So now October is almost over! I was wondering if you were all set on pink shirts? My Mom and I own a store in MI and we have a cute Rosie the riveter fight like a girl shirt I thought I would send you if you were still in need.

D'Lyn said...

Hey! Thanks!! I have "enough" shirts -- but if you want to send one, I'll definitely work it in -- and shamelessly (not much shame around here) tell everyone where it came from. I'm a Medium, if that helps. And our address is Team Tiara, P.O. Box 2433, Cypress, TX 77410-2433. Totally up to you!!!! If you do send one, let me know how others can order them from you!!