Friday, October 28, 2011

The Princess Guide: The 3-Day's "Other Education"

Okay. Not sure why this shirt looks all gray in the bottom picture, but I did think it was important to show the back.  The back of this shirt is what ti's all about.  THIS is why we walk.

To find a CURE.  THIS is what moves people to sign up to walk 60 miles in three days. To raise an unbelievable MINIMUM $2300 in fundraising.  To do something that their friends and family are fairly certain they can't do.  And they do it.

But there's this "other" side to the 3-Day. It's not at all why you sign up. It's like the icing on the cake.  It's like the "other education" that Dr. Hesby told us about over and over while we were at A&M.  And maybe, just maybe, it's the best part.

This "other" side is different for every walker. For me, the 3-Day introduced exercise into my life. After moving to Houston, it brought me a network of dear friends I absolutely love.  After we lost my Mom, it gave me something positive to do -- every. day.

The 3-Day is every bit a life-changing experience.  For some people, just stepping out and making that leap of faith is HUGE.  Committing to something of this caliber is CRAZY.  And while we know the money "always comes," waiting for it to arrive can be nerve-wracking.

But here's the deal.  While you're doing this great big thing for breast cancer research, you're given this incredible gift in return. Just last night, I put out the word that a single mom on our team needed some serious fundraising help.  Within an HOUR, she was almost to the minimum required to walk. 

The generosity of spirit on this team amazes me.  That's something Team Tiara is known for -- and I am so proud to be able to call these men and women Family.  The very first year we walked, we helped two walkers from other teams meet their fundraising goals -- and that has continued to this day. 

It always breaks my heart a little to hear of people who couldn't walk because they couldn't raise the funds -- especially when they have people on their team with HUGE totals who don't share the wealth. I am soooo glad we're not like that around here.  I am SO glad to be surrounded by such strong, giving, loving people.  Team Tiara -- You ROCK!

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Kayren said...

The back of this tee-shirt rings in my head as I hear J. Fromm say it every year. I hear the "we lay down our footsteps" and it brings me to tears of excitement, determination, joy, sadness etc... Thanks for reminding us about "the other side" of our walk- I mean I know we talk about it all the time but I love reading about it.