Monday, October 31, 2011

The Princess Guide: Doing More than Ever Before

I have to go up to school in awhile, and I'm thinking I might ought to wear a jacket over this one?  Maybe??

Today is kinda a "Big Day."  I shared with Team Tiara just this morning something that had been building in my heart for awhile. I think the seeds were planted long ago when I met Stephanie in L.A. -- and while she spoke of hope for a CURE, we all knew it wouldn't happen in time for her.

And then we lost Sonja -- so young and with two little girls just like mine.

And then Lora.  And then Andrea. 

And Susan is fighting so hard for her life.  And Bridget.  And there have been so many more along the way.  And Team Tiara simply needs to "do more."

As God has done often in the past, He has recently shown me that Team Tiara is need of a little "tweaking."  You see, awareness and pink and ribbons and mammograms only get us so far. The fact is, women do not die of cancer in the breast. They die when that cancer metastasizes, or spreads, to their liver, lungs, intestines, bones, brain and other areas. When that cancer wreaks havoc and causes those organs and systems to shut down.
Mets are not a warm, fuzzy subject. The pink ribbons of hope just don't really fit metastasized breast cancer. This is often seen as a death sentence, and that doesn't make for hopeful soundbites on the evening news.
In women who have breast cancer, some 30% will face mets. However, only 3% of the research dollars go to this.
This is where we can come in and make a difference. I have spent the last few weeks learning about metastasized breast cancer and which researchers are focusing on this directly. I've been helped by my dear friend and 8-time cancer survivor Lois.
Lois has helped me find three or four key researchers we could work with.  We've also found a group called
This is all ground-floor stuff. We don't have all the details filled in yet -- and I'm hoping maybe the four of you can help me with some of that.
Here are a few key things I'm asking you to be thinking about.
1. With Aaron's help, we have acquired We will launch that website on January 1 with the key message that breast cancer doesn't just happen in October. That it happens 365 days a year.
The idea is to profile 365 different people involved in this fight -- survivors, Tiaras, researchers, doctors, etc.  It's a catchy name and it should get attention if we play our cards right.  Do you know of someone who would be a good fit for one of our profiles???
2. Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 to offer in grants directly to researchers who are working with metastatic breast cancer. This will be in addition to other projects we have ongoing, i.e. The 3-Day, Survivor Support, etc.
3. We will continue our support of the 3-Day. Some of our team members will step into stronger leadership roles there. I had a talk with God, and He still won't give me more than 24 hours in a day. Man.
4. It's going to take a bit of a juggling act. To do this, we are really going to need to get corporate support wherever we can. MANY of you have networks we can tap into. It's time to utilize those! Do you know somebody who knows somebody?  Do you have a college roommate we need to meet?
5.  Some of our team members are going to need to come up for air after the Walk, and that's okay. But as a TEAM, we can't take three months off after the 3-Day this year. MANY companies make their giving decisions in January, and we need to be on their radar screens. 
6. We also need to focus on upping the number of Team fundraisers both in Houston and Dallas -- and Austin if that growing group is ready to roll! Possibly adding a golf tourney in Dallas and maybe a few poker tourneys along the way. We can't let our 3-Day fundraising slide.
7.  We would LOVE to partner with other 3-Day teams or other groups in this effort.  Anyone want to come play in our sandbox with us???
8. We need Tiaras (past, present and future) to be thinking about your role.
You may be like me -- all in, let's whip this thing. GREAT! We need you! We need your help with corporate outreach and golf tourneys and helping us find new, creative ways to raise funds.
You may be all about the 3-Day, but that's all you have time for. That's GREAT! We need you! If that's you, please get registered soon for 2012. Among other things, we desperately need a training walk leader in Houston. Could that be you???
For some people, the 3-Day is a bucket list kind of thing. You're "one and done," and that's perfectly okay. BUT if that does suit you please consider supporting this new initiative -- even if you're not walking.
And you may not even be a 3-Day team member -- but instead someone who just has a heart for this and wants to help.
So that's the scoop. Please be thinking and praying about your role in all of this.  If you would like to step into a leadership role, please let me know. Let me know where you see yourself in all of this.
If you are planning to walk or crew in 2012, please register ASAP. The discount code CURE2012 will knock $35 off your registration. You will be able to register in camp as well.
I know that's been a lot to share, but I know too many of us have seen the heartbreak of metastasized cancers -- breast cancer and other varieties. We've seen the toll that they take. I continue to stand by my belief that if we can whip breast cancer all the rest will fall like dominos.  As soon as I know more about the research we will be supporting, I'll let you know!
Please let me know what you're thinking!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Princess Guide: Crew ROCKS!!!

So.... I've never been on 3-Day Crew, although I think it would be an AMAZING experience.  But I AM the proud owner of a Crew T-shirt that my friend Kait gave me when during our 3-Day Commercial-Filming Adventure in L.A.  And every time I wear it I think what a great gift the 3-Day Crew is to walkers.

They really are.  It's amazing how smoothly the 3-Day experience runs -- and all that's thanks to the Crew. These are the people who are hard at work before I even leave Houston for the walk. These are the people that meet us bright and smiling on Friday morning -- they help us park, they help us load our luggage into BIG trucks and they help us every step of the way after that.

They cook for us.  They hand us towels.  They cheer us on. They help us cross the street safely. They wrap our ankles and knees. They deal with sweaty, stinky feet all day long without a single complaint.  The 3-Day crew is the epitome of service. They are Jesus with skin on -- all day long.

I can't say enough about how incredible they are -- and there's really no way to thank them for that generosity of spirit.  But a simple "Thank You" will go a LONG way towards making them feel loved.

Please don't forget to do just that.

Now..... The carnage behind me is what a front yard looks like after NINE kids carve their pumpkins.  (This after TEN girls carved pumpkins in our driveway last night.)  I have already roasted 14 cups of pumpkin seeds.  NUTZ.  But it's been a fantastic weekend, and I'll leave you with a few more pictures....  (See, I'm not just about Pink, Pink, Pink.)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Princess Guide: Safety First!

This shirt is a Hoot. The pink ribbon is made up of all sorts of words for Boobies -- jugs, headlights, you name it.

And this is what I look like a LOT of the time. Cell phone to my ear!  BUT on the walk that just won't work.  Remember, no talking on your phones while talking. Step off the trail, make your call, and step back on.  Or Michelle O. will give you a talking to!

Team Tiara still needs your support!  Just go to and pick a name -- any name!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Princess Guide: The 3-Day's "Other Education"

Okay. Not sure why this shirt looks all gray in the bottom picture, but I did think it was important to show the back.  The back of this shirt is what ti's all about.  THIS is why we walk.

To find a CURE.  THIS is what moves people to sign up to walk 60 miles in three days. To raise an unbelievable MINIMUM $2300 in fundraising.  To do something that their friends and family are fairly certain they can't do.  And they do it.

But there's this "other" side to the 3-Day. It's not at all why you sign up. It's like the icing on the cake.  It's like the "other education" that Dr. Hesby told us about over and over while we were at A&M.  And maybe, just maybe, it's the best part.

This "other" side is different for every walker. For me, the 3-Day introduced exercise into my life. After moving to Houston, it brought me a network of dear friends I absolutely love.  After we lost my Mom, it gave me something positive to do -- every. day.

The 3-Day is every bit a life-changing experience.  For some people, just stepping out and making that leap of faith is HUGE.  Committing to something of this caliber is CRAZY.  And while we know the money "always comes," waiting for it to arrive can be nerve-wracking.

But here's the deal.  While you're doing this great big thing for breast cancer research, you're given this incredible gift in return. Just last night, I put out the word that a single mom on our team needed some serious fundraising help.  Within an HOUR, she was almost to the minimum required to walk. 

The generosity of spirit on this team amazes me.  That's something Team Tiara is known for -- and I am so proud to be able to call these men and women Family.  The very first year we walked, we helped two walkers from other teams meet their fundraising goals -- and that has continued to this day. 

It always breaks my heart a little to hear of people who couldn't walk because they couldn't raise the funds -- especially when they have people on their team with HUGE totals who don't share the wealth. I am soooo glad we're not like that around here.  I am SO glad to be surrounded by such strong, giving, loving people.  Team Tiara -- You ROCK!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Princess Guide: Today

Today was a GREAT day!  Today was Pink Shirt Day at Dresser, and Team Tiara treated the Dresser gang to some seriously yummy treats!  It was so much fun to hear them exclaim over all the yumminess!!!

Today I also found out about a VERY special Tiara who needs YOUR help.  In spades.  Her name is Dani Hiehle, and you'll find her 3-Day fundraising page HERE.  Dani is $2000 short of the minimum $2300 required to walk. She NEEDS this walk, and she NEEDS help.  I don't want to share her story -- I haven't asked if I can, and it's not my story to tell. But needless to say, she's had a tough road. 

I know there are only four of you who read this blog, but here's the deal.  IF you aren't in a position to help Dani with her fundraising, would you please email 10 people you know and ask them if they can help??  

You know I can't do math.  But if all four of you could email 10 people who could donate $50 each, we could get Dani to the $2300 mark ASAP. 

Can you help?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Princess Guide: Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a BIG day around here!  Tomorrow is Dresser's Pink Fire Drill and I can't wait!!!  The fabulous chicks of Team Tiara have been hard at work baking all day today.  My dining room table is covered with cupcakes and cookies and brownies and pumpkin bread. And tomorrow we will celebrate Thankful Thursday with our friends over at Dresser! Last year, this event raised over $5800 for our Quest for the Cure. I can't wait to see how we do tomorrow!


We can't get to tomorrow yet because today isn't over.  AND it's "You Knew Me When" Wednesday! And since most of the people we hung out with in Austin moved to Dallas after Grad school, I'm going to combine the two! Hang on to your hats!!!

If you knew me in the days of....  Birkenstocks, El Arroyo, Far West, Rudy's Creamed Corn, Married Students Network, pre-Abbie, the bald cat, Salt Lick, Kerbey Queso, The Omeletry, Book Club, being blessed by Abbie, playgroup, graduation, moving to Plano, Gymboree, Pitman Creek, Henry's Ice Cream, Braum's Ice Cream, being blessed by Kaitlyn, CRCDS, Homemade Gourmet, McKinney / Frisco, Ogle Elementary, Brookstone, the Groovy Girls, the Red Hots, Rosati's Pizza, The Branch....

If you knew in those days, you knew me in Austin or Dallas -- and TODAY is YOUR Day to donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day!  Just go to  Any amount will work!!!

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Princess Guide: Wanna Send me Mail?

You know what??   I LIKE getting mail! Just the other day, I got this cute T-shirt in the mail from none other than THE Doyce -- as in college roommate Doyce.  Just about the only person I know who isn't on Facebook!!!

Anyways, I LIKE getting mail -- and lucky for me, you can send me mail during the 3-Day!!!  I know, the "deadline" for postmarks was "supposed" to be today.  But I'm betting you can get by with sending something tomorrow or Thursday.  REALLY!

My address is:

3-Day for the Cure Post Office
D'Lyn (Or D'Lupe) Biggs
PO Box 2939
McKinney, TX 75070

I'll be waiting!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Princess Guide: The Race is ON!

It's a race to the finish around here, so I thought a Race for the Cure shirt would be appropriate today!!! 

We leave for the 3-Day in just 10 days, and I'm no where near ready.  It's not a big deal, really.  It'll all work out.

I've spent my entire day cleaning junk treasures out of the girls' rooms, and I'm whupped. BUT not to whupped to put in a plug for donations.

We hit the $91K mark today -- just a little more than $8K and we'll be over the $100,000 mark for this year.  Can you help?  Amy Martin could sure use your help!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Princess Guide: Your Task....

That bottom picture is from three years ago, when the girls and I posed in the original "Tiara in Training" shirts.  I miss that curly red hair of Abbie's.  Like REALLY miss it.

So I have a task and a challenge for you.  The thing is, it's been a LONG time since Team Tiara has raised less than $100,000 for the 3-Day.  But this year we're still a ways short of that.

PLEASE help us reach the $100,000 mark by the time we leave for the Walk on November 3!!! You can just go to and make a donation under the name of any walker who has not reached the $2300 minimum REQUIRED to walk. 

Thanks!  You ROCK!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Princess Guide: My Pink Parade Continues!!!

Yep, bringing on the Sass again today!  We're headed to the Rice game tonight, so this shirt will only get me through so far.  (Rice Fight! Never Die!)  But that's all right -- I'm sure I can spread its message a bit before we head to the game.

This is a BIG week for Team Tiara.  We've got a lot going on.  My favorite part?  Thursday night is Team Tiara Houston's "Bling it On" night.  Biggs' favorite part? We get AT&T Uverse on Friday.  I have no idea what that means other than the fact that we won't be thinking "Comcast Sucks" nearly so often!  As long as I get to watch Revenge on Wednesday nights and Big Bang on Thursday, I'm good.

I CAN tell you the Ragweed numbers are up today -- my Ragweed-ometer is off the charts!

It's crazy to think that two weeks from now I'll be walking in the 3-Day.  This Walk has really become like Christmas to me.  And I'm counting down anxiously!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Princess Guide: Putting Some Sass in my Frass.

I am SO not feeling Sassy today -- I've got a lot on my plate and on my heart and just really don't know what to think about it all.  But.... Two weeks from today Team Tiara will be launching our 2011 3-Day experience -- and that means I've GOT to start getting some Sass in my Frass!

So.... Today, I pulled a particularly fun shirt out of the closet.  AND I had a meeting up at school!!! So... I put on my brand-new D'Lupe jacket (you can't be too sassy at school) and headed up there.

I'm home now, jacket off, and working on putting our office back together.  Sort-of.

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point.  If Team Tiara could reach $100,000 on our fundraising thermometer by the 3-Day, I'll leap for joy.  Can you help with that??? -- just click on any name that hasn't reached the $2300 mark.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Princess Guide: Thankful Thursday

So.... Today is Thankful Thursday, and while I'm extremely thankful for my new hardwood floors (had to include them in today's picture), I'm also very thankful for our friends over at Mitsubishi Forklift of Houston. 

Those guys ROCK. 

For the last few years, they have come up with several different ways to promote breast cancer awareness -- especially in men.  And it all started with an email that went something like, "We'd like to paint a forklift pink. Can you help us?"  We did help, and the "Real Men Drive Pink" campaign was born!

Their support has continued, and their latest effort includes these way cool pink trash cans.  Don't you need one?  Or one of each of the THREE sizes they come in??

Kick Breast Cancer to the Curb
These pink rolling trash carts serve two purposes. The first is that for each cart you purchase, $5.00 will be donated to Team Tiara.  $5 will also be donated to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer awareness initiatives.

Second, Pink Carts make an unmistakably bold statement about their owner’s passion for ending breast cancer. These carts catch your eye, and they remind women to schedule regular exams so that they can find breast cancer early when they have the best chance of beating it through treatment. Pink Carts can help raise awareness and save lives in our community.
Sizes and pricing are listed below:
35 Gallon: $50.00 + tax
64 Gallon: $60.00 + tax
96 Gallon: $80.00 + tax
Contact Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks of Houston to purchase one today! 713-365-7600 or

To learn more about this program you can visit and to find out more about Cascade Cart Solutions and their universal carts you can visit their website at
You need them.
Now.... With all the floor craziness around here yesterday, I forgot to do "You Knew Me When" Wednesday!  So, without further adieu, here is "You Knew Me When" Wednesday Thursday.
"You Knew Me When" Wednesday Thursday... If you knew me in the days of SOAR, AFC, Sadie Hawkins, Denim & Diamonds, The Hall, Thread the Needle, Midnight Yell, BTHOB, Farmers Fight, Elephant Walk, Taco Cabana, Reveille, Gumby's Double Dammit, 12th Man, Double Dave's Pizza Rolls, Kleberg, Saddle & Sirloin, Dunking my Ring, ACT, AGJR, "I've got a story for ya, Ags," The Bench, Tuesday Night Devos, Neeley Knockouts, Weeklongs, Weekend Trips, 42, Spades, Camp Hensel, Wild West Tour, Cotton Bowls, BBQ Class, Big Hair, HLS&R, Texas 4-H Center, Aerials, Rockies, Ski Cooper, KC Ballroom, George Strait (Oh wait! That one's Timeless!), WHOOP! -- This is your day to make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day! It means you knew me at A&M! If you knew me then, I ask you to go to and make a donation in the name of one of my teammates who has not reached the $2300 minimum required to walk.   Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Princess Guide: Going "Postal"

Dude... I have no idea whose fingerprint on the lens messed up this picture. But I do know that if you hear about a chick in the post office putting another customer in his place, that was me. And it's all true.  I just get so darn frustrated when people don't respect those who are doing them a service -- particularly if they're government employees and not paid very well.  Especially when it makes a scene and takes up MY time. Especially when I'm anxious to get home and see what my new floors are looking like.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there -- except that I may or may not have a raging case of PMS and today was NOT the day to throw a fit in the Post Office.

Anyways.... It's pleasantly cool here again today, and I'm sporting our Camo Sweatshirt from a couple of years ago.  This is also one of my "faves" -- and I think it's the only time I've ever been threatened with a "lawyer letter" during this quest.  Apparently our original version of the quote on the back didn't deviate enough from the original-original quote. BUT we fixed it and moved on.

Now.... I'm gonna get up on my soapbox for a minute.  (The word sopapilla flashed through my head as I was typing that -- yummy!)  Anyway, crazy things have been happening on this little blog and you need to know about it.

I usually run about 700 hits a month on my blog -- not a lot.  But I guess that means all four of you come around pretty often.  The crazy thing is that with the 38 days of Pinktober I'm going to hit about 4,000 hits in October.  I know.  NUTS. 

Those 4,000 hits would be a TOTAL waste if you just looked at my "Pink shirt of the day" and went on your way.  TOTAL waste.

I'm asking you to do more than enjoy the Pink. I'm asking you to help us make a difference.

I'm asking you to go to and click on anything that will get you off the front page -- then make a donation via PayPal and our donation button.

Any amount helps.  Your donation will go to survivor support, to providing mammograms for women who lack health insurance, to just about any need we can find that needs to be filled.

I'm asking you to go to and make a donation under the name of any team member who has not reached the $2300 mark. Kayren Babcock, Amy Martin and Krista Liller are three of the ones I'd choose.  Not all of our team members are still planning to walk, but those three are -- and all have had extenuating circumstances this year that have made fundraising difficult.  All three could use your help. 

I'm asking you to make a difference. To think before you Pink.  To remember that Pink is just a reminder to take ACTION.  Action that will save lives.  Pinktober will only get us so far.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Princess Guide: Check out These Jeans!!!

No, it's not that they're the best-ever jeans. It's that they're JEANS!  And they're perfectly suited to this amazing weather that blew in overnight.  It's downright cool outside this morning. I'm making chili for dinner tonight, the kiddos are running around in Polar Fleece, and the Mama is LOVING wearing her some JEANS!!! 

Know what else I'm loving??  These Team Tiara T-shirts that came in yesterday!!! And guess what?? We have more if you just haven't ordered yours yet!!  We have short sleeve and long sleeve in both styles.  Random mix of sizes in Youth and Adult.  More of the "Strong Beki" shirts than we do the Monkey shirts.

If you want one, or more!, please let me know ASAP!

Speaking of Strong Beki, that girl needs your prayers!  She's one of  Team Tiara's greatest champions and is facing some big, fat, scary health issues.  Please pray for our sweet Beki!

We're only 16 days from walking in the 3-Day, and I'm starting to feel a bit of a YIKES! feeling!!!  I'm sure it's because I haven't really been able to train in a month, and the floor guys are coming today to create complete chaos in my house, and I'm picking up my new orthotics today and praying they will work perfectly from the start with no adjustments, and it's Pinktober.  Really, the fact that it's Pinktober explains it all. 

I've got all my socks, skirts, clothes, etc.  And I've got the hair pretties and shoe pretties made.  And I'm ordering my treats for our team today.  Things are coming together....  Or at least they will in 16 more days!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Princess Guide: Not Feeling all that Shiny.

Good Morning!!!

I chose this shirt today to hopefully help me get my Shine on!  It's not working yet.  But hopefully it will!!!

It's not that it's foggy outside....  Although I am ready for that to dissipate. 

You see, I kinda wrecked my bike a few weeks ago -- water bottles and bike basket flew everywhere.  I got up and rode 16 miles. Then I walked 7 miles the next day.  Then I realized I'm not 20 anymore.

Something happened with my back in that process, and it's just not the same.  This is NOT the news you want to share 18 days before a 60-mile walk. 

Frustrated does not even begin to share how I feel.

It was doing better.  I still had a bit of soreness, but it was better.  So much so that when I finally was able to see the chiropractor last week, we focused on how to make my back stronger and prevent future injury. 

Sounded pretty good.

Until I got home and realized just that chiro visit had set it off again.

And then yesterday I was packing and moving china and crystal, so the floor guys could install hardwoods -- and I could unpack the china and crystal next weekend. 

And this morning, getting this 40-year-old me out of bed was not the easiest.

So.... I'm trying to get my Shine on.  And wearing the best shirt for it!

This is a "vintage" Tiara shirt, but if you're just dying to own a couple, we still have One Youth Medium and One Youth Small.  They can be yours for $15 each. Just let me know!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Princess Guide: I Would Have Missed This.

Hi Peeps!

It's taken me awhile to get around to the computer today.  Weekends are like that.  Biggsy is home and tends to monopolize the computer and office.  It's not as big an issue as it used to be -- thanks to my Crackberry and iPad.  But it's still an issue.

I really did want to get this picture up for you, because this particular Pink shirt is so very meaningful to me.  This is my "Trusting with Tracie" shirt, and the message it holds for me isn't the scripture printed on the back (although that's great) -- it's a different message.

You see, when Tracie Webb was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had no idea who she was. I think we'd been going to church at West Houston for six months or so -- and I wasn't in the loop. At all.  I just heard that this girl named Tracie had been diagnosed.  When some of her friends began selling shirts, I bought shirts for both Abbie and me.

The shirts are definitely a "Junior" fit -- and until now I really haven't been that comfortable wearing it.  But it's stayed in my closet amid all the Pink -- waiting patiently.

Today was THE DAY to wear this shirt.  We were helping West Houston serve lunch at the Impact Church of Christ downtown.  We're not exactly attending West Houston right now (I guess I can say that since the cat pretty much appears to be out of the bag.)  But we still are a part of our Small Group and wanted to join them this morning.

I needed to wear something casual (which fits perfectly where we HAVE been attending church.)  And this shirt was perfect for today.  You can't see that I'm wearing my $15 jeans from White House Black Market that are AMAZING.  Let me just tell you -- I ROCK in these jeans.  But that's neither here nor there.  And it's probably not very important that I tell you that during church Biggsy leaned over to tell me I was dressed like a teenager.  But you know what? At 40, I'll take that!

I know, I know.... Land the plane.

Okay. So, Komen has a campaign going lately where they're asking women to tell them what they would have missed if they hadn't been proactive about breast cancer.  This campaign has driven me nuts. 

Nuts, I tell you.

You see, in my "poor pity me" world, all I could think of was what I HAVE missed because breast cancer took my Mom.  And believe me, it's a long list.

But today I realized that if Tracie hadn't been proactive, I would have missed knowing HER.  You see, after two (?) years at West Houston, I didn't know many more people than I did when Tracie was diagnosed.  So chances are I wouldn't have found her.  I would have missed out on knowing a precious friend.  But because Tracie WAS diagnosed, and she IS alive and beautiful, and we DID have that link, I've gotten to know her. She's absolutely precious.  And she and her crew keep my truck (also known as the "Boobie Mobile") moving on down the road. 

This shirt is just a reminder of all that!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Princess Guide: I'm Not in Pain.

Wow.  Bad picture.  I know it looks like I'm in pain, but I'm not.  If it weren't already 9:30 p.m., and the kids weren't already headed to bed, I'd have my official photographer (Abbie) do a retake. 

Here's a slightly better picture from early in the summer....

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be so concerned about getting today's picture right.  However, I spent much of yesterday "designing" Team Tiara's World Headquarters. 

You're probably wondering just what that involved.  Mainly -- getting all the pink Tiara "stuff" moved out of our house and into our new office building. 

Yep -- that's it!  All it needs is a bit more pink, and maybe a few boas here and there. 

Pretty exciting, isn't it??

Guess what?

It gets even better!

I've decided Team Tiara needs to have a Moving Sale!  We have a very limited supply of "Love Pink" shirts (see photo above).  These can be YOURS! They're $15 each, and I still have:

3 -- Adult Small
1 -- Adult Medium
4 -- Adult Large
4 -- Adult X-Large!

Just let me know if you want one!!!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Princess Guide: No One Can Replace Your Mom

I remember when Mom passed away and several people told us they'd fill her gap for us.  We were "theirs."  I can't tell you how comforting that was at the time.  And really, I had no idea how much we'd need that.

The crazy thing is -- no one can ever really do that. No one can completely fill the void you have after losing your Mom.  But you know what?  While no ONE person has filled that void, several people who don't even know each other have combined forces to at least make sure it's not quite as big as it once was.

It didn't happen immediately. And some of it was trial and error.  And some of what we need has changed over time.  Four years ago I was a MESS.  I needed to be held up and helped up and all sorts of things.  As time has passed, I'm not such a MESS anymore.  And some of my friendships have adjusted, I guess you'd say, to take that into account.

I can't possibly name everyone who has stepped in to fill that gap.  Over time, Kayren has become the person I go to the most when I need to share -- good, bad, you name it.  We talk about five - 10 times a day -- thank goodness for free long-distance!

Kayren has the amazing talent of listening, and offering insight -- but not offering instruction.  You know I hate being told what to do.

My Aunt Dot is another one who has stepped in -- and I'm getting big, fat tears in my eyes just writing about that.  She is AMAZING.  She has been such a support to me and to Team Tiara -- everyone on Team Tiara.  And that really cute shirt in today's picture? She sent that to me!  When I put out the call for more Pink Shirts, I really didn't think anyone would help -- but she did!  (A'Lise sent me one, too -- but I'm still about 5 lbs. away from being able to wear that one.  As soon as I can, I'll share a picture!)

Aunt Dot shows in a hundred million ways how much I'm loved.  She and Uncle Lane both build me up more than they'll ever know.  And really, have you ever seen a cuter shirt????

I'm not someone that lives life with a lot of regrets.  I don't sit on the couch eating bon-bons, and I never get bored.  That's the beauty of being ADD.  One of my great regrets, though, would be that I never knew my sweet friend Ruthie saw me as another daughter.  She never told me because she didn't want me to think she was trying to replace my Mom.

But you know what?  She was another one who helped fill that void -- and while I won't be able to see her again this side of Heaven, I'll sure tell her all about that when I get there someday.  I think the highest compliment she ever gave me was when she told Kelly, "You know, D'Lyn is like a member of our family we just never get to see." 

And while Ruthie's battle with cancer was scary and terrible and her loss weighed so heavy -- I praise God for letting us see each other so often through that process. 

Ruthie's legacy to me was this "Daughter" charm, but I didn't get it until after she was gone.  I'll be wearing it on the Walk this year as I walk for two of my "Moms." 

I guess if there's a moral to this story, it's that if you know of someone who has lost their Mom -- particularly at a younger age -- they will have this incredibly huge void.  Please don't hesitate to step in and fill that void.  Those of you who do are just precious. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Princess Guide: Whupped.

Whew.  I have run all-out today. I got Kait to school this morning, spread some Team Tiara Thankful Thursday cheer, took Abs to the Orthodontist (Braces in two weeks!), ran to the Gypsy Market, bought a few Christmas gifts, back to Fairfield for a Chiropractor appt. (Nothing's wrong -- thank goodness!), got the girls, finished making the shoe pretties for Team Tiara, Abbie to a hitting lesson, back home, floor installer-guy came to do an estimate, put together the "Chapter Books" Sock Hop Basket for Mrs. Deckard's class, and just sat down.   

I've had no time to post today's picture -- one of my favorite shirts ever (does that sound familiar?) because last year we highlighted our FIFTH year to walk in the DFW 3-Day.

 Beyond thinking of today as Thankful Thursday, I've also been thinking of it as $1000 Thursday.  Can you PLEASE help me get two of my walker friends to the $1000 mark? Just go to and click on Julie Mullen or Amy Martin.  Any amount will help!!

Thank you!!!

And now, a picture of the "Chapter Books" basket donated by Mrs. Deckard's 5th Grade Class. If you're at the Sock Hop tomorrow night, you're going to want this one!  I added up the "List Price" of all the books and it came to over $400!!!  These parents ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Princess Guide: "You Knew Me When" Wednesday

Hey, Peeps!

It's "You Knew Me When" Wednesday!!!

If you knew me in the days of twirling, band, buses to football games, the BHS Basketball Tournament, concession stands, meatless burgers, eating at Furr's in Lubbock, parachute pants, feathered hair, big hair, stock shows, Electric Camp, George Strait (Oh wait! That one's Timeless!) -- This is your day to make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day! It means you knew me in Jr. High or High School.

If you knew me then, I ask that you go to and make a donation in the name of any walker who hasn't reached the $2300 mark.  Kayren Babcock and Krista Liller are two walkers who are very much on my heart these days. Both have had tough roads to follow the last few months and are very much in need of your fundraising help.

As for my shirt today??  This is a "Ringer Tee" from about 2007.  The year we filmed the TV commercial in LA.  And as my girls pointed out the crease down the middle, you can tell it's been a while since I've worn it. It's pretty fitted, and the 25 lbs. I've lost have definitely made it fit better!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Princess Guide: Fight Like a Girl

Can you tell Pinktober is getting absolutely crazy around here? My posts are getting shorter, so that should be a clue! Among other things, I spent today making Hair Pretties for Team Tiara. Those are all done, and I've moved on to the shoe pretties / pompoms.

This shirt is from my favorite shop in Lake Jackson. I have no idea what it's called, but they have a ton of cute jewelry and every style of Yellow Box flip-flops imaginable!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Princess Guide: It's All About the Clothes

The first year Lisa and I walked the 3-Day, we learned three very important lessons.

1.  It's all about the clothes.
2.  Stop & Shop.

3.  Leave no walker behind.

Those lessons are a part of me to this day!  Today's shirt sports our well-used Tiara Bling.  (The same bling was on the back of my shirt at the Tri.)

Tiara Bling Rocks.

Like KISS.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Princess Guide: Moisture-Wicking Only Gets You So Far....

Today is Biggsy's #39 Birthday, and in a very Bucket List-type move, we did the Team Tiara Charity Relay at the Fairfield Triathlon this morning!  Our friend Nadine did the swim, I did the bike, and Biggsy did the run.

It was great!  BUT it was WET!  It threatened to rain right up to start time, but didn't really open up and do so until about Mile 7 of my bike ride. About the time I was passed by the 50th or so competitor. 

That part really cracked me up.  The first person to pass me was about 8 years old, and after that it was a steady stream.  Being the Team Tiara Turtle, I'm used to being passed on the route.  And it still brings a smile to my face when other participants give me an encouraging, "You're doing great."  If only they knew I was just fine with being passed!!

This isn't the best picture ever, but you can see that my bike and I were completely decked out.  I don't know if you can see my cute Tiara earrings (Turquoise to match my sparkle skirt.)  And isn't the bra on my bike basket a nice touch???

I think the best part was having them write my number on my arms and my age on my right calf.  People, this is as close as I'll ever get to having Tatts. I'm cool.  Of course, I had them fix the 40 and make it 40:31.  "Those who Hope in the Lord will renew their strength." 

I know for many of you biking in a Tri Relay hardly sounds like an accomplishment.  And I do think I'll be searching for new team members for next year -- I have a feeling Biggs and Nadine are going to move up to the "Real" event.

But if you knew me....  If you knew that four years ago I didn't even own a bike and had no idea what exercise looked like, you'd know this was an event that I am very proud to have accomplished! 

Four years ago I had no idea what moisture-wicking was.  Now, I wear it head to toe.  Which leads me to some VERY sound advice for my fellow 3-Day walkers!

Moisture-wicking is your friend!!!

Make sure your socks, shirts, bras, bike shorts, etc. are of a moisture-wicking fabric.  It will make ALL the difference in your experience.  It really cuts down on the chafing.  And I'll tell you what -- this is my SIXTH 3-Day walk. I've never had a blister. And I promise, wearing moisture-wicking socks are the reason!

Moisture-wicking will only take you so far. And in downpours like we've had for most of today you're still going to come out looking like a drowned rat.  But dadgummit, we'll take the rain -- and more if God sees fit to send it.  We have been praising God in this storm!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Princess Guide: Save Second Base!

Is this shirt a hoot, or what???

Saturdays in Biggsville are all about sports -- so I thought it only appropriate to show you a REALLY cute Saving 2nd Base shirt!  This came from the Rue 21 shop up at the Outlet Mall, and I think it's just way too fun!!

As for Sports Saturday, Kait's team won their soccer game this morning against a team sporting LOTS of Kait's friends and former teammates. 

Abbie's team didn't win their softball game today, but they still did great. Abbie's pitching is really coming along.  AND she stole home!  Great game for Abbie-girl!

The Ags play tech tonight.  Now, I've hung in there with my Ags this season.  And I've watched them Tank in the second half.  I'm still hanging in there with them.  But if that happtens tonight, we're going to have issues.

Beat the Hell Outta Texas Tech!

Biggsy's HS Reunion is tonight, so I've gotta go get gussied up for that. 

By the way.... Tomorrow is Biggsy's birthday!   Just wait till you see the shirt I'm modeling for HIM!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Princess Guide: Pink It Out!!!

Tonight is Waller Pink Out, and I am sooooooo jazzed!!!

If you're anywhere near Waller, Texas, I highly recommend you head over there tonight for a Pink Out Extravaganza!!!

I have to tell you, though, my Pink Heart is heavy today.  Sweet Bridget of My Big Girl Pants posted some tough-to-swallow news today. 

Bridget is fighting for her life -- at 28.  In the world of Pink Warriors, she's one of the strongest women I know of. 

I read Bridget's post while waiting to grab the Bigglets from school. And while I sat there reading, with big, fat tears in my eyes, all I could think was that I wish I'd walked in Boston this year.  I wish I could have given her a huge hug.  Man.

But I'm right there with her on the whole Pink thing -- you know I am.  I love hearing how the boys on our middle school football team are wearing pink socks. I love hearing that the teachers at our school were Pinked Out yesterday.  I love hearing about all of it. 

The impact that Pink is making -- each and every day -- is HUGE.  These kids are growing up with an awareness that we didn't have growing up.  And awareness that will save lives on down the road.  I am so glad to be a part of that.  For my Mom, for myself, for my girls, for Bridget and for all four of you.

Update:  Here we are with our big PINK check from tonight!!! Many, many thanks to the students, teachers, administrators and parents from Waller High School who work to help us fund the CURE!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Princess Guide: In Support of the 4-H Club Motto....

...  To make the Best Better....

When I looked at this picture, that's the absolute first thing that came to mind. What a hoot!  How many times have I struck this same pose to make that pledge that's still so dear to my heart.

We haven't been able to get the girls involved in 4-H yet, but I still hold out hope that they will be someday.  And I can't help but think my experiences in 4-H were just a few of the things that have made Team Tiara a possibility. 

Do you know the pledge?

"In support of the 4-H Club motto, 'To Make the Best Better,' I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalties, my hands to larger service for my club, my community, my country and my world." 

No, I don't get up every morning and say the pledge before I start my day (although the crowd I went to High School with probably thinks I do!)  BUT I do try to live my life by those same tenets. 

I think that's what the 3-Day community is all about -- making the best better.  Looking beyond ourselves to a greater loyalty.  Using our heads and hearts and hands to make a difference far beyond our own communities -- a difference that is impacting the world. 

How cool is that???

I've had this shirt for about three years!  I bought it at the New Balance outlet.  I'm headed there again today to look for shorts to wear under my sparkle skirt on the 3-Day!  Whoo-Hoo!

Ready for Pink Out at School Today!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Princess Guide: Kindess ROCKS!

Talk about the "deer in the headlights" look!!!  YIPES! If I hadn't already sent my photographers to school, we might be doing retakes on this one.  And no, I haven't had time to do a single thing to my hair.  Don't panic, Khristy Carley -- I'll get to it in a bit!!

Or maybe not!

So... Today's "Kindness Rocks" shirt is one of my very favorite shirts from the 3-Day, and I have to say it's probably the most-complimented shirt in my closet!  Every time I wear it, someone says something about it!  I LOVE it!

And it's soooo appropriate for today!  After last night's drama with my truck, so many people stopped to help.  Biggsy went to Wal-Mart and got a new battery -- didn't work.  So... this morning I called up some people who really personify "Kindness Rocks" and asked them for their help!

For those of you in Houston, Webb Automotive over on Mueschke is DA BOMB.  They know how crazy life is -- especially my life!  This morning they came and got my keys, arranged for my truck to be towed in, and are now in the process of replacing my starter (which is why the new battery didn't work!)

Tracie and Roy Webb are great supporters of Team Tiara -- they sponsored a hole at our Tee'd Off Golf Classic last month, and are just really incredible people.  Tracie is a SURVIVOR and definitely has a heart for what we do!!!

In keeping with the "Kindness" route, I was trying to think of some of my favorite examples of kindness on the 3-Day.  It's so hard, because to me that's just what the entire weekend is all about. 

The med tent guy who humored me and taped up my feather last year would have to be at the top of the list.

The first year I walked, another walker's Mom was everywhere we went.  I can't even remember her name, but she took care of us just like we were her own -- down to giving us band-aids.

A couple of years ago I lost my water bottle on Day 3. A family near White Rock Lake gave me a Gatorade bottle.

All the people who have let me pee in their bathrooms along the route.

Starbuck's Grande Chai Latte brought to me at camp.

Team members who have walked sloooooowly with me -- even though their paces are much faster!

The Tent Angels who set up our tents long before we get to camp.

Those are SUCH small examples and come nowhere near exhibiting the vast generosity you experience on the 3-Day!!!  Kindness ROCKS!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Princess Guide: Today Started with Such Promise....

Today started off with soooo much promise!

I have to tell you, I've had a blast thinking about which shirt to wear each day. Today started off inspired -- I'd wear this cute top that I bought at HEB (of all places) and talk about how important it is to take care of your feet when you're trekking 60 miles in three days.  If the shoe shirt fits, wear it -- right?

(As I type this, my children are having a food fight with hummus in the kitchen.  Oh my stars.)

So.... I get up this morning with my brilliant plan for today and find that NONE of the khaki shorts in my closet fit anymore. They're all falling off me.  Good problem to have.  So.....  I start digging around and find the shorts in this picture.  These are pre-Abbie.  Really.  How cool is that??

I know they probably weren't in style back then, and they probably aren't now -- but who cares??  It's not like I'm a fashion maven or anything.

I got all the kiddos to school, then I was off to see my orthotics guru -- John Ross at OPA in Bellaire.  John is God's gift to my feet.  He keeps me walking. And off the carts at Wal-Mart.  John Rocks.

He made some minor adjustments to my old pair of orthos and did the molds for a new set, and I was on my way....

To see Khristy Carley -- God's gift to my hair. I'd been looking like SUCH a hippie, and Khristy worked her kind of magic, and I'm not a hippie any more.

Promising day, still.

Came home, did a few things around the house, and after school my DI friends came over. Spent a LOVELY hour with them while they did their planning, then it was off to Kait's soccer practice.

Went well -- Read some of a new book, got ready to leave, and BAM! 

There it went.  My promising day.

As I type this, Biggsy is attempting to replace the battery in my truck, and I'm fairly certain we have a date with Webb Automotive tomorrow morning.  Joy!  Such Joy!

BUT.....   I mustn't get totally distracted from my purpose!  You've got to protect those feet!!! 

Just a few tips.....

Bring moleskin in your fanny pack. I cut mine in little strips that are ready to roll.  Or you can bring scissors. You can get moleskin at Wal-Mart with all that cool Dr. Scholl's stuff.

Use Body Glide.  It's smoooooooth.  You put it anywhere and everywhere you have friction. I mean ANYWHERE.   Especially on your feet.  Slap that stuff all over your feet before you put your socks on, and you'll be soooooo glad!  I carry a little thing in my backpack and have big things (shaped like deoderant) in my luggage.

Bring a fresh pair of socks for lunchtime.  Put them in a Ziploc in your fanny pack. When you swap, put the stinky pair in your Ziploc.  It keeps all those PB&J Graham Cracker Sandwiches that you're not hoarding from getting stinky, too.

Listen to your feet. If you start to feel a hot spot coming on, break out the moleskin.  Apply it. THEN Body Glide all over the top.  Moleskin will not stick to Body Glide, so it goes on first.

DO NOT for any reason, get a full pedicure until after the 3-Day. You NEED those calluses on the bottoms of your feet -- they're as good as gold!  Sure, go ahead and girlify your toes -- just keep the calluses. 

New shoes MUST have 20 miles on them BEFORE the 3-Day.  Only then will they begin to be broken in.

Don't just stretch your legs -- stretch your feet. Calf raises are great for this.  You can pick up a bajillion stretches just by watching other walkers on the walk. Learn from them. Especially if they look like they've been doing this all their lives.

Okay. In my totally frazzed, "what is tomorrow going to look like?" state, those are all the tips I can think of!!  If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know!!!

One note: I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of pink shirts before I finish all 38 Pinktober posts. If you design/ sell/ shop for pink ribbon shirts, and you just happen to want to send one my way, I will not turn it down!!! With a big, fat smile on my face, I'll happily tell everyone just where I got it!!! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Princess Guide: I've Got Talent!

I couldn't get very far into my 38 days of Pinktober without wearing my Talent shirt.  Yes, I know it's gray.  But today has been anything but gray around here!

It's the most beautiful Fall day. Not too hot at all.  Sunshine on my shoulders and all that jazz.  I've spent the day decorating for Fall and watching two very able guys install my new dishwasher.  It's so quiet you can't even tell it's on!!  REALLY GREAT DAY!!!

So yes, I know this shirt is mainly gray -- but there isn't a more "PINK" shirt in my closet.  This shirt represents one of the most incredible experiences in my life.  An experience that continues to shape me.  An experience that was 100% God-breathed.  An experience like none-other.

In November 2007, four short months after we lost my Mom, just a week after I walked 60 miles in three days in her memory, I flew to LA for a fairy-tale experience.  You can read more about it here:

You'll want to start with the post on October 31 and read forwards through the experience.  It was incredible.

You can see the commercial here: (I'm the Crazy Beautiful Girl)

THE Amy Stoker originated the "Crazy" quote --  she's a star!

I know some of the four of you are walking the 3-Day for the first time this year.  And I know you're wondering what on earth you've gotten yourselves into.  I don't know that you have a nation-wide advertising campaign in your future.  But I do know that you have an amazing experience ahead of you.

The 3-Day is every bit what it's cracked up to be.  It's 60 miles of ministry.  A 60-mile buffet.  Sixty miles of smiles and laughter and love and hugs and blisters and graham cracker sandwiches and feather boas and porta-potties and pink and sisters and friends and so much more.

It's the most powerful experience ever.

If you or someone you love has been touched by breast cancer, or even if you haven't, there is still time for you to join us!  Go to and click on "join team.  Or check out to join us for next year.

You might just find out you have Talent!