Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not The Best Picture....

I know. Not the best picture. I have TONS of pictures on my camera, but can't post them with my phone. ARGH.

The story behind THIS picture, though, is the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Our friends Miss Kristine and Hailey spent the day with us today. Hailey learned to ski. Kait learned to slalom on her ski Biggsy made yesterday. Abbie has spent the day perfecting the use of a cast net.

We lunched at Sting Rae's -- YUMMY crab cakes, but they ran out of pecan pie before I got mine.

I rode my bike. Jake and I rode the jet-ski. We dined on Mahi-Mahi for dinner, thanks to the guy next door.

The day is ending with lightening bugs in a jar, and a casting lesson on the pier. (Hence the picture.) Abbie is making S'Mores. What a lovely ending to a lovely day!!!
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