Friday, July 29, 2011

The Princess Guide: If You Need Inspiration

This time of year, I start to get a few emails from people who aren't going to walk after all -- for whatever reason. I think that's because there's this huge lag time between when you register in the spring and when we do the actual walk.

Life happens. Things get crazy.

And we kind of forget why we registered in the first place.

When you first sign up, you think you've got al the time in the world to raise $2300.

Then August and September come around and you begin to get nervous.

And we kind of forget why we registered in the first place.

This crazy chick who calls herself D'Lupe keeps sending you emails about fundraising and all that jazz. But it's 106 degrees in the shade -- and standing in line at the post office to buy stamps sounds anything but fun.

And we kind of forget why we registered in the first place.


Most of you didn't know my Mom. You don't walk because Sue Stephens passed away four years ago last Thursday. You don't walk because my girls have to grow up without their Granny. You don't walk because I can't call my Mom and tell her that Abbie started learning the change-up at her pitching lesson today, or that Kait had her first pitching lesson and LOVED it.

No, YOU have your own reason that you registered to walk in the first place.

It's still there.

If you need a bit of inspiration, if you need to be reminded of the absolute unfairness of this horrible disease, spend some time at 

You'll remember why you signed up to walk in the first place.

Big Hugs,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in D'Lupe-Land

We've had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks. The girls and I took a quick trip to Round Rock / Austin for Carey Cox's wedding. We checked out the condo where we lived when Abs was born....
... And we had Round Rock Donuts for breakfast.
Kait went to soccer camp in Aggieland.
We've been fishing with Pa. I caught a shark.
Abs had the catch of the day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Have a Blog, But I'm Afraid to Use It.

In the past year, a well-meaning but off-base acquaintance has "trumped" my blogging a few times. Off-hand comments such as:
Please don't blog about that.
You can't blog about that.
Don't write about that.
Take that off your blog.
If you don't take that off your blog, I'm going to call Obama and invite him for lunch at your house.
Okay. Maybe it wasn't that bad. BUT even a few off-hand comments stack up.
Now, I feel censored. Watched. And for goodness' sake if there's one thing I don't relish in life it's knowing someone doesn't approve of something I'm doing.
Here's the thing..... Blogging allows me to write. And I LOVE it. I love sharing with all four of you. I love being real. I love the good, the bad and the ugly. And believe it or not I do censor myself to some extent. I haven't even told you about.... (See??)
I have to create. It's part of what makes me me. It's kinda like breathing. I have to be doing something with my hands and brain and all that together or I'm just stifled. And stifled is a great word for how I've felt since this person started getting all up in my business.
I've tried to be real with you -- and this road we've walked together has been UGLY at times. BUT I've been real. You know it all.
But knowing that I've been "watched" or "mothered" or whatever you want to call it has just completely taken the wind out of my sails.
Yes, it might have been a mistake to blog about certain things that have happened in the last year. But if I'm stupid enough to blog about them, I'm the one who has to deal with it. RIGHT?
So here's my question.... How do you deal with this? What are your boundaries when it comes to blogging? And how do you deal with people who get all up in your business?
I can do so much good with my blog -- but not if I'm afraid to use it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

18 Months & 60,000 Stitches Later....

My Ruthie"Quilt is finished!!! It's a queen-sized, machine-pieced, hand-quilted beauty. It took 18 months to make and includes over 60,000 hand-stitches.

I'm beyond happy that it's done!

I used three different designs to quilt the blocks. Can you tell?

This is the back.

It'll be Kait's someday -- when she's much, much older. She has a few stitches of her own in this quilt and really shows and interest in all things quilting!