Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sitting Duck

That's me.

Sitting on a bucket catching Abbie's pitches.

Except for the one I didn't catch on Thursday. The one that apparently bounced off the tip of my glove and the right side of my upper lip -- and then slammed into my right cheekbone.

There's nothing soft about a 40 mph softball. (Yes, Mrs. McCathern, I just started a sentence with "There's." I apologize.)

Since I immediately iced my face and came home to put Arnica gel on it right away, I don't have much fun color to take a picture of. Just a bit of bruising on my lip.

Hardly enough to make people wonder if I "fell down the stairs."

So really, I don't have pictures of that to show you.

I do have GREAT video of Abbie pitching on Saturday. Her best game ever. She pitched so well her Mama had tears in her eyes. It made my big, fat, purple lip worth it. All those hours at the batting cage / tunnels. A sitting duck on a bucket letting her aim at me.

I love this girl.

And like I said -- I have great video.

But I can't figure out how to put it on mute. And you really don't want to hear me hollering for her. So until I figure out how to manage that, I hope you enjoy these pictures!

By the way, Kait's team, the Rice Owls, won their game!!!

GREAT hit!

... And on her way to 3rd!

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