Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Girl Rocks.

Hey Peeps!

It took the better part of the evening, but I FINALLY have video of Abbie's pitching for you to see!!! She ROCKED the first inning tonight!

(Not so much the second inning, but we'll work on that!)


Batter #1:


Batter #2:


Batter #3:


So... If you're not into softball, and you don't realize why this is such a big deal, consider this....

Until February, Abbie had no interest in pitching. None at all. It wasn't until our first practice, when we realized we hadn't drafted a pitcher, that we really started thinking about this.

She's only 10.

And she pitches about 40 mph.

My Girl Rocks.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Great job Abs! She has some definite potential.

I love how universal the sounds are from softball games, from the coaches to the fans to "Balls in, coming down!". So many great memories!

~ Kristen