Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kait's Turn

Ya'll don't laugh.

I promise I haven't been bit by the YouTube bug. But I thought it would only be fair if I posted a bit of video from Kait's game tonight.

Well.... I had no idea.

I had my Flip camera along for what was most certainly the Rice Owls' most exciting game so far. (Yes, we won!)

To give you a bit of background....

We have a very young team this year. A very young team. Wins have been few and far between, but our girls have hung in there with a great attitude all season.

They've had fun.

So imagine our excitement when the game included a few of these highlights.... (And yes, they're heavy on the Kaitlyn.) Hint: Click on the title to see the video!

Kaitlyn Batting

Great Defense by Kait and Brooke

Kait to Brooke for Another Out

Kait Teaming up with Logan for Another Out

Fantastic Out in the Outfield by Livi!!!!

Brooke's Triple Brings in Kait & Logan

Lots of Fun in the Dugout

Kait to Logan for Another Out!

Great Hit by Kait!

Kait Sneaks in for a Run!

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