Friday, April 8, 2011

The Princess Guide: I've had about all I can stand...

... of hibernating.... Hi Ya'll, I've been head over heels in finishing the Yearbook for my girls' school, so I haven't been able to start focusing in on this year's 3-Day for the Cure fundraising. BUT Yearbook is due Monday, so ya'll hang onto your hats! I'm about to come out of hibernation in a BIG way! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the very real stories of four women fighting breast cancer. Four YOUNG women. Four women in different stages of this battle. First, an update on Cheri. This is what Dione sent today: "She is home now- I talked to her today and I can tell she is struggling. Here is what Jeff posted on his page today. We saw the oncologist yesterday. Cheri will c the cardiologist today to have an echo done to c if her heart is strong enough for chemo. If it is then she will start back on chemo on tues w/a diff chemo drug that attacks cells instead of masses. It is n the same family of chemo drugs that she was on, so the side effects should b the same as before. Keep praying!" Second, an update from my friend Andrea. Andrea lives in Virginia, and her husband Matt is an old friend. Andrea is the reason I'm walking in DC this year -- in addition to DFW. I'll let you read Andrea's story on Caring Bridge. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. The reality of their situation really hits home with me. Third, we have an update, also on Caring Bridge, for Cyndi Ritchie. Cyndi was Kaitlyn's preschool teacher at The Met's Lamb School when we first moved to Houston. She lives in Montana now. Finally, the Caring Bridge link for Teri Colwell. Teri lives in Coles Crossing and goes to church at West Houston. Her boys are 6 and almost 9. I wanted to share all these stories with you for a couple of reasons. For one, much of my personal focus is on helping women understand that breast cancer isn't a Grandmother's diease. It knows no age, ethnic, gender, economic or religious boundaries. All four of these women are young. Teri and Andrea both have very young children. I also wanted you to know that part of the funds we raise for Team Tiara Foundation, above and beyond the dollars we raise for the Breast Cancer 3-Day, go to support women who are fighting this battle right now. Women like Cheri, Andrea, Cyndi and Teri. We have already sent Andrea an Isaiah 40:31 bracelet. We have given away all the bracelets that walked the walk in November, and I ordered 20 more today. Teri, Cheri and Cyndi will all be receiving a bracelet. We are looking into other means of support as well. In the next week or so, as I finish Yearbook and get ready to focus on Team Tiara's fundraising for 2011, you're going to start hearing more and more from me. We have plans beginning for a few major fundraisers, and I'll also let you know about individual fundraising. Corporate Sponsorships will be a major focus this year. I'll be in Dallas April 30-May 1 to help with event planning there, and we'll have a meeting in Houston in the very near future. As we kick all of this off, and you see a bigger passion than ever before, you'll understand what's driving me. This isn't your Grandmother's disease. This could be Your disease. And it could be MY disease. Let's stop it before that happens. Love to you all! - D'Lupe

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