Saturday, April 16, 2011

Help for West Texas

... And I have no idea why my posts have started formatting like this. But... Remember how everyone in Fairfield jumped in to help the Longs when their house burned down? I know you've all seen the footage on TV, and the terrible losses that families in West and North Texas are facing. Three years ago we lost 2 miles of fence on our home place to one of these fires. In comparison, we know of a family near Post that ranches on a section of land. That's one square mile. Earlier this week, they lost everything except their house. Barns, tack, feed... Fences. Everything. If you'd like to help the families devastated by the fires, the Biggs family is collecting gift cards to send up there. I'll be sending the first batch on Thursday. I'll let you know where they go and who you're helping. The love and support from complete strangers has brought great hope to our family and friends who are battling the fires. As fire trucks from as far away as Flower Mound, Wylie, Austin and Rockwall have rolled through town, they have been welcomed with open arms. If this is something you can help with, gift cards to Lowe's, Home Depot, Gebo's and Wal-Mart are great. (Think Building Supply and Small Towns.) If helping with gift cards isn't something you can do, please be praying for rain and light winds. The winds were supposed to give them a bit of a break this weekend, but they're bracing for high winds again on Monday. Thank you for your help and support!!! - D'Lyn Biggs p.s. These pictures were taken a few weeks after our fire. The pastures had started to green up again. While they don't fully convey what the damage looked like, they will give you a glimpse. And remember, this was just a drop in the bucket in comparison to what so many people are facing right now!
This shows just how close the fire got to our house.

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