Thursday, February 3, 2011

25/21: Bring on the Snow!

For those of you north of the Red River, I'm sure those of us down here in Houston are making for some great comic relief these days.

Sure, our temps have dropped into the 20's, and we're giddy with anticipation for the 1-2" of promised snow/ slush / ice / sleet/ rain combination that's supposed to arrive in the next 24 hours.

You're watching the coverage of the Superbowl festivities with a gleam of amusement as you take breaks from shoveling the 24" of snow in your driveway. You're thinking we should all "Man Up."

That is, if one of my four faithful readers lives north of the Red River -- I really have no idea.

BUT what I do know is that I can't WAIT. I can't wait to go sliding around the driveway. I can't wait to see if one of the boxes I've been saving will make a good sled for the ditch behind our house. I can't wait to put the girls in their ski gear, send them outside for an hour, and make sure they stay warm enough for our trip to Park City next month.

I'm ready. I've got Cream of Wheat and hot cocoa in the pantry, 15-bean soup in the Crock Pot and Secretariat on the schedule. My cute boots are on my feet, and I'm thinking Outside Fun will make for a GREAT exercise plan.

And I lost 1.3 pounds this week. That's right -- 1.3! Not at all what I expected!


This weigh-in week started off with such promise. Once I finally started listening to Leanne, and started writing down everything I was eating, things were going great. By Friday I'd lost 1.1 lbs. I rode 18 miles on my bike both Thursday and Friday. Worked with hand weights while watching Days of our Lives. (BTW.... How many times is Stephano going to get away with that whole people-switch thing???) Life was good.

And then we hit the weekend. Friday night, we went to Redfish Grill -- by far my favorite restaurant out here in the Boonies. I didn't go off the reservation. Skipped the appetizer and had a bit of Biggy's gumbo. Grilled Mahi-Mahi. Veggies. Not too bad, right???

Saturday night it was beef shish-kabobs, sweet potato, venison sausage and bread. (Argh! Bread!) Sunday evening small group brought incredible soups, more bread, cheesecake and cookies... UGH. Monday morning I was up 1.6 pounds.

Crazy things are going on around here. Biggs is in the middle of "remodeling" our kitchen, and I have no access to the stove. My microwave is in the middle of the bar (plugged in), my old oven is in the dining room, and my new double oven is in the middle of the kitchen floor. Praise God for my Crock Pot. It's the only thing keeping me away from Chick Fil A. That and the fact that it's 24 degrees outside.

So you can imagine, stepping on the Wii and finding out I'm down 1.8 since Monday morning is HUGE for me. I've not exercised, I'm drinking hot cocoa, and I have no idea how it happened. I can only assume it was the proverbial "water weight" plaguing me Monday morning.

So... That's where things stand with me. Only about half of our happy little troupe has reported in, so I'm not sure where things stand with all ya'll. Hellloooooo..... Is anyone out there???

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 3.6
Amber B. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 1.4
Amy B. -- Have you been kidnapped by Aliens? Or Kindergarteners??
Amy S. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 3.5
Ann C. -- Total Lost 1 -- Have you been kidnapped by farmers??
Annette T. -- Lost 2; Total Lost 5
Cindi C. -- Total Lost 6
Cissa N. -- Buried in a Snow Drift??
Crystal V. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 3
Cyndi S. -- Total Lost 3.1
Cyndy G --
D'Lupe -- Lost 1.3; Total Lost 2.3
Jimmie Sue L. -- Lost .5; Total Lost 3
Julie N. -- Total Lost .1 -- Have you been kidnapped by a snowman?
Kara V. -- Lost 2; Total 3
Katie R. -- Total Lost 2 -- Are you out there?
Kay R. -- Total Lost 2 -- But that Gumbo was worth it!
Kayren B. -- Lost 2.5; Total Lost 4.5
Kelley B. -- What's up?
Kristine F. -- Lost 1.5; Total Lost 4.6
Laura Kay R. -- Total Lost 2
Laurie Y. -- Holding Steady; Total 1.5
Leanne J. -- Lost .2; Total Lost 2.2
Liz E. -- Total Lost 1 -- Have you been kidnapped by nerds?
Lori A. -- Total Lost 2.5 -- Are you busy building Snowmen?
Lori P --
Melanie H. -- Total Lost 1
Melissa H. -- Lost 3; Total Lost 4
Molly C. -- Total Lost 3
Nadine L. -- Total Lost 1.5
Rachel R. -- Total Lost 4.8
Rebecca B. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 3
Sally P. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 1.5
Sarah A. -- Total Lost 7
Sharon V. -- Total Lost 3
Sherrie W. -- Lost 1.5; Total Lost 7.5
Suzi B. -- Today is a new day!!!
Tammy H. -- Total 4.5
Taunda J. -- Total Lost 3
Vicki T. -- Lost 1.8; Total Lost 4.2

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