Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is Weigh-In Wednesday!

Okay, gang, send me your stuff! Did you lose? Did you gain? Did you stay right-smack-dab where you were to start with? Are you just starting today and need your name on The Spreadsheet??

Let me know! (dlynbiggs (@) yahoo (that little dot-thingy) com.)

So as for me??? Even with all the peanut butter chips and pretty much nothing going as planned this week, I'm down a pound. Must be the hummus?? Seriously, yesterday was The Day NOT To Be Repeated. The trampoline is broken. The kitchen sink has three leaks. One of the downstairs toilets overflowed (and no Barbie in sight.) NOT the perfect day. But we survived. The temperatures can pretty much "only go up from here."

And really? All wasn't a total loss because These Boots (in rope brown / barrel brown) have been making my feet feel loved.

So.... Weigh -in Wednesday. Whatcha Got???

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1.6; Total 1.6
Amber B. -- Lost 2.4; Total 2.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Starting this week.
Ann C.
Annette T. --
Cindi C. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Cissa N. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Crystal V. --
Cyndi S.
D'Lupe -- Lost 1; Total 1
Jimmie Sue L. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Julie N. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Kara V. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Katie R.
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Kayren B. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Kelley B.
Kristine F. --
Laura Kay R.
Laurie Y. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Leanne J. -- Lost .2; Total .2
Liz E. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Lori A. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Melanie H. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Melissa H. -- Lost .5; Total .5
Melody H.
Molly C.
Nadine L.
Rachel R. --
Rebecca B.
Sally P. -- Lost 1.5; Total 1.5
Sarah A.
Sharon V.
Sherrie W.
Suzi B. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Tammy H. -- Lost 2.1; Total 2.1
Taunda J. -- Lost 2.5; Total 2.5
Vicki T. -- Lost 2.2; Total 2.2

What we Learned:
From Leanne J: Knowing that I'd have to send this e-mail was a big accountability that I've never had in weight-loss before. I used Lose It, an awesome app for the ipod, iphone, and ipad. It's AWESOME and helped me track my food and exercise. Keeping track of everything I eat (even that mug of nothing but whipped cream!) helped me to think before I put something in my mouth.

From Aimee D: I really have not started working out yet, I just have watched what I have been eating and my portion sizes.

From Tammy H.: Been doing some jogging and increased fruit and water intake.

From Cindi C: I am so shocked with my week.... I really didn't change anything other than watch my portion sizes and try to reduce soda intake.

From Lori A: I gave up soda a year ago at Christmas and have stuck to that, so pretty all I ever drink is water (unless I need some hot tea or a fru fru coffee from time to time.) I’m doing Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away The Pounds” (1 mile work out) which is great for a 41 year old someone full of cellulite and totally out of shape!!! :) In the next day or two, I’ll be ready to move up to the 2-mile workout, and that’s when I start seeing some toning taking place. Her 3-mile totally kicks my butt! I’m pretty much eating whatever the family eats at dinner time, and just a meal shake (from Advocare), bowl of cereal, or a Special K bar for breakfast and/or lunch. That works for me.

Sally P: I did start drinking herbal tea instead of soda. And took the BioLean supplement a few days.

Amber B: I'm drinking slimfast shakes for breakfast, trying to eat a healthy lunch, eating fruit for snacks, and then I'm eating whatever for dinner but trying to slim my portion sizes down. I'm also doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for my exercise.

Jimmie Sue: I've been watching the food intake, eating healthier, and run/walking 3-4 times per week for around 7-9 miles total. I find that tracking it all on keeps me more accountable.

Disclaimer: I don't work for The North Face and I didn't get the boots for free as some giftie-promote-it-on-your-blog advertising thingy. When only four people read your blog, your chances of hitting the free thingy jackpot are pretty slim. But I love reading the disclaimers on some blogs and decided I needed one today.....

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