Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love it When People Come Together....

This is a tale of two stories. Each is painful in its own accord. But each story has a completely different outcome. One makes me smile. A lot.

Some of you know what has been going on around here the last few months, but most of you don't know the gory details. Yes, you know that Dresser is being bought by GE -- which will impact our lives. AND you know that The Mimi has been sick. But you don't know all the details of either event.

I can't share those details here. Of the four of you who read this blog, at least one or two is too close to one or both of the situations at hand. I can't tell you how these situtations are affecting me. You know the parties involved. And even I have limits as to what I'll share in this forum.

Recently I was given an opportunity to share with a group of friends from the past. Each of these women knew me well at one time -- as well as anyone did. We had shared some pretty cool experiences a few years back.

So I shared. I laid it all out there. No holds barred. Probably more openly than I have with anyone else.

No one in this group lives here, runs in my circles, "visits" at PTO functions. No one in this group knows the inner workings of my life now. It was the perfect group to share with. I thought.

I guess I was wrong.

Time and distance have stretched those relationships. Dude.

My heart has been breaking over what's going on -- and not one of those women replied. No concern. No empathy. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. Not a single reply. Not an "I'll be praying for you." Not an "I'm sorry." Or "That Sucks." Nothing.

Are you Kidding Me???

On the other hand, Susan over at Toddler Planet posted about the Absolutely Crappy stuff she had to deal with on Friday. Stuff that no young mother should ever have to deal with. Just as she always does, Susan laid it all out there -- she doesn't mince words. She tells it like it is. Cancer isn't pretty. And the experiences it brings into your life are nothing you'd wish for ANYONE.

I'm guessing Susan has never even met half the people who read her blog. She's never met them for coffee or gelato or whatever. And while she's open and honest and very, very real -- she can't even begin to visualize the people who read what she writes -- often in tears.

But here's the cool part... Where I reached out to people I KNOW and it fell on deaf ears, Susan shared with complete strangers who have now become this Army of Warrior Princesses who have her back. Susan already had an Army of Support. It just has a name now. And how cool is that??

So here's the scoop. God has given me an incredible gift. Pruning is part of life. Healthy life. Right?

He's also given Susan an incredible gift. An Army of Warrior Princesses. Check out her blog to see how you can join in.


Laurie Anne said...

I'm sorry no one reached out to you. That just isn't okay. Even tho I'm new to your blog, I can tell you are an amazing woman full of passion who has a positive impact on those around you.
Sending some good juju your way!!

Laurie Anne said...
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D'Lyn said...

Thanks, Laurie Anne. Really, I'm good. I should have known better than to have the expectations that I did. And it wasn't until later, when I realized that my message had fallen on completely infertile ground, that I realized how very much I had needed their support. But I'm good. I'm blessed with some amazing friends and some rare insight into where I should be focusing my efforts, right??

Anonymous said...

Sorry D'Lyn that you are going through such a rough patch! My heart and prayers are with you!