Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't you love it how God.....

... Gives you just what you need -- just when you need it??

Ya'll know Tuesday wasn't the best day around here. To say my nerves were frayed would be an understatement. Yes, I had on my cute boots. But other than that, things were a bit haywire.

The trampoline has a HUGE hole in it where the black jumpy mat part isn't attached any more. Ugly Sink, which has been the bane of my existence for years, had developed three leaks. While the fact that it was going to have to be replaced was GREAT, the timing was a bit off. And then the toilet in our bathroom overflowed -- and not just a little. Praise God for tile.

So that's what started off my morning on Tuesday. And don't get me wrong -- there was some INCREDIBLE stuff going on as well. Tuesday morning Mitsubishi Forklift of Houston presented Team Tiara with an amazing check -- the result of the sale of "Pinkie." The sale will help fund walkers in the Breast Cancer 3-Day -- how cool is that????

But Tuesday morning... maybe it was the cold, or maybe it was the fact that when I ordered a Caramel Apple Cider at my Starbuck's they just gave me hot apple juice (which I didn't discover until way too late), but it was taking me a while to get up off the ground. I had make-up on, and my cute boots, but just wasn't my usual perky self.

I needed some therapy -- of the shopping kind. And since I also needed to purchase a couple of T-shirts from Rice, I headed that way.

And that's where I was when I got word that Jenne Fromme, 3-Day Spokeswoman Extraordinaire, had stepped down from her role -- and the Powers That Be are looking to hire a new representative -- from the ranks of the 3-Day.

My Dream Job.

I can't tell you how much I'd love this job. You get to represent the 3-Day in all 14 cities of the walk. To have that opportunity to share love and hope and happiness with all those walkers --I can't even imagine how incredible that would be. To host Camp Show each night would be a blast -- with the exception of the slight fact that I can't dance. But with the exception of the dancing part, this is my kind of job.

(With Jenne and Suzi in 2007)
There's just one rub. You get to represent the 3-Day at all 14 events. Events that begin in July and end in.... November. I'd miss my girls' entire soccer season. Their birthdays. I just can't do that.
Maybe in a few years when they're older and my life is a bit more flexible. Maybe then I'll be able to take on a role like Jenne's. But not now.
So knowing me, I'm sure you know that my Tuesday continued on in a not-soooooo-great manner.
I was in one of those places where I want to do more, but just can't see how. I get like that sometimes. Sometimes this whole breast cancer thing drags me down a bit as I wonder how long it will be before we find a cure. How many choices will I have to make before that happens? Will they still be needing a spokesperson when the girls are old enough for me to take on a role like that, or will we be DONE with this fight? How much longer can I continue to keep all these balls in the air? Do I really know what I'm doing??
Not having kids around, my mind had plenty of time to wander. Is this really where I need to concentrate my efforts? Do I need to work with children, be a missionary, live in a grass hut? Is there a better way for me to use my talents? Be creative?
And then... God gave me just what I needed. When I needed it.
In the form of a FB conversation with Amy Stoker. For those of you who follow my "no coincidences" belief, this one is going to blow your socks off.
Ya'll all know I met Amy in LA when we all went out there for the 3-Day commercial shoot. Amy and her sister-in-law Meg joined in the fun and blessed all of us with their spirit and love and energy and humor.... The list goes on and on. That weekend will forever hold as one of the most amazing weekends of my life.
Last fall, I had business cards printed with 50 different pictures from the 3-Day. My 50 favorites from five years -- a different picture on each card.
While Biggs was in Scotland (the same week I drove through the garage), I had to take the truck in to the Ford dealership for a few repairs. While I waited I tied ribbon after ribbon after ribbon making hair pretties for our team.
And I visited with the lady sitting next to me. She belongs to a bowling league that has a Bowl for the Cure event each year and donates the proceeds to Komen. Ever the 3-Day walker, I suggested they donate their funds to Komen THROUGH our 3-Day team, and help fund some of our walkers. She said she'd talk to the league about it, I handed her a random business card with a random picture on it, and went on my way.
End of story.
I thought.

On Tuesday, God decided I needed a little something extra, so He sent word through Amy that the business card had in fact landed with the bowling league and they were, in fact, considering donating their funds to Komen through our 3-Day Team. And how did Amy know?
Well, the woman I met at the Ford dealership took my card to her bowling league where she showed it to a friend who happened to be....
Are you ready for this??
Meg's Mom!!!!!!!
That would be the same Meg whose picture was on the card!!!
How cool is that??
But guess what? It gets even better. Wednesday morning, while I was still marvelling over the way God puts the pieces into place for This Team in ways we could never ask or imagine, He did something else for me.
When I got home from dropping the kiddos off at school, THIS was on my garage.

He gives me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.


Kayren said...

Tremendous story my friend!!!! When you do get that dream job when the time is right... I will be you Aaron only instead of speaking for you- I will dance : ) Love you!

Tracye said...

God rocks!