Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blown Away by 25/21

So this morning I'm a bit blown away. So far we have 26 women who have joined in the 25/21 Challenge!! (And two great guys who would welcome some of that weight!)

Do you realize with 26 women I'm gonna have to make a spreadsheet???? How crazy is that??

So for today -- all you have to do is weigh butt-nekkid in the comfort of your own home. I kind of giggle as I type that. Kristine F. is going to weigh on her Wii Balance Board (mine is the bane of my existence). That would never work here, as mine is right smack dab in the middle of my living room -- in full view of the UPS man when he drops off packages. Yikes.

Sharon V. did ask me where the weigh-in was. I'm glad we made it in the comfort of YOUR own home. I'm thinking with 26 women that would be a sight.

So just weigh in, write it down on your calendar, and we'll talk in a week. (Or knowing me, we might talk sooner.)

I really do think this is going to be kinda fun. Thanks to the joys of FB, the women (we'd take men!) involved are from all facets of my life. Sally P. used to go to church with us in Plano, and is married to a guy I grew up with. Several of these chicks walk in the 3-Day with me. Some I know through the girls' school. Others from random adventures through the years. And a couple of people I don't know how I know.

One note about the FB connection. I'm kind of in a phase where I'm cautious about the whole "friend" thing. Over Christmas, I was introduce to a slightly creepy side of FB that I haven't quite gotten over yet. So.... I'm a bit hesitant about who I "friend." I've gotta see who we know in common -- or know how you found me -- or something. Twitter is different -- it doesn't seem quite as invasive, you know?

Tip of the Day: I don't know that I'll have a tip every day that I blog, but I do have lots and lots of material after years and years of the whole "get in shape" thing.

Today's tip isn't really a tip, but I should tell you I'm a firm believer in Advocare vitamins, and that they will be factoring into my 25 pounds in 21 days. I do not sell Advocare. I do not sell anything. My Honey and I have made a deal that I will never sell anything again. (I want to make sure to get that out there.) I get mine from Suzi Bruin, who has a "distributorship" under Clint & Krista Liller. I also know that if you're in Plano, Stephanie Scott is the one who introduced me to Advocare about 7 years ago. I know. Seems like forever.

They have a great herbal cleanse (as great as an herbal cleanse can be) if you're looking for a jump-start. I use the MinsMax3 vitamins -- but must confess I'm most often too ADD to take the entire packet in a day. I used to think the caffeine made me a bit wired, but apparently it's the B-12 vitamins. My new best friends. AND Kayren clued me in to the fact that the Acedopholis (sp?) makes you poop. That may be TMI for you, but did you know that the longer your poop sits in your system, the more it contributes to your weight gain? You want to keep things mooooooooooooving on.

Lovely. I know.

So there's your tip for today.

See you soon!

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kristine fiala said...

Ohhh don't worry my Wii fit IS in the middle of my living room!! Okay so I wasn't TOTALLY butt nekkid (sp?!) but I am sorry to
my neighbors out back if you saw anything;) Hopefully as the weeks go by you will see less!! Again thanks for the motivation D'Lyn..I might have to try Advocar...let's see how this week goes...although I am going away on a scrap book retreat this is the center of it...uh oh!!!