Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/21: You Are What You Wear...

How's it going???

Are ya'll ready to weigh in tomorrow morning??? I have to admit, I've done more than a couple of weigh-ins this week. Every time I get on the Wii, my Wii-Me has to tell me what she thinks. As of right now, I'm exactly where I was last week. No more, no less. BUT.... we have the annual Rice Baseball Dinner tonight. Be praying I can abstain from the goodies!!! Yikes!!!

Don't forget to weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm anxious to hear what kind of a week you've all had!!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple of links with you. If you've ever walked the 3-Day with me, you know I'm all about tennis and running skirts. I just think they serve a very important purpose -- they make you feel pretty!!!

The first year I wore a tennis skirt on the 3-Day, there were maybe one or two others. Now, they're everywhere! I think that makes me a trendsetter, right??

One of my favorite places is to order them is SmashGal. This is a company based in The Woodlands. I have a couple of skirts from there -- my Zebra skirt with the built-in shorts is my all-time fave. I've gotten tons of compliments on it!!!

My other favorite is Team Sparkle. Their running skirts are a bit different. None of them have built-in shorts. These are the skirts we're going to be using on the 3-Day this year. We're wearing Turquoise, which has proven to be a GREAT signature color for Team Tiara. It's easy to spot our team members in the sea of pink. In fact, this year we had a team member who joined the team at the very last minute. After the walk, she sent an email saying she never found us. My first thought was "How'd she miss us???" (I had been wondering where she was all weekend -- never could find her.)

But really, Turquoise does stand out -- and makes us easy to spot whether on the trails, at a pit stop or at lunch. So sticking with Turquoise throughout the weekend will Rock.

Now..... I'm off to the gym. It's just a bit too windy and cold for me to be on my bike today. I have to tell you, I HATE the gym. It's so stagnant. You know? Yesterday, I uploaded a couple of movies to watch on my IPod. I thought that would make the time go by faster, right? Well... The first one I uploaded had a ton of great reviews. I didn't have time to read it all that closely, but I gathered it was a great comedy everyone liked. Until I got on the bike and started watching, I had no idea it was a movie about two lesbians. Who kissed in the opening scene. Not exactly my cup of tea. So.... that's $14.99 wasted, and now I'm down to one movie to watch.

Better get going, though. The really gung-ho work-out Peeps should be gone by now. It's my turn.

Disclaimer: I've never starred in a movie, although I was in a TV commercial for the 3-Day. I do not work for either SmashGal or Team Sparkle. Neither company has ever sent me a free running or tennis skirt, so I'd talk about them on my blog. I've personally paid for every tennis skirt in my closet -- including the ones that don't fit. BUT they will. Soon.

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