Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25/21: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes....

Well. I feel like I'm hosting a party, and I forgot to attend. Have you ever had that feeling?? I mean, seriously. This 25/21 challenge is ROCKING. And I'm not exactly ROCKING. Sure, I'm back where I was two weeks ago. But the goal is to be back where I was July 2008 -- and that's going to take more than a little effort.

You know??

Really, it's not like I'm flying blind on this one. I'm just not doing what I know I need to do. I'm a bit envious of those people who can quit drinking sodas, or drop fast food, or whatever and lose 10 pounds right off the bat.

For me, it's a slightly different story. I don't drink sodas. I don't eat fast food. My list of "don'ts" is fairly long.

BUT... I do love sweets and lately I do have a problem with portion size.

So.... Much as my friend Sally said last week, I'm not letting this get me down. I am focusing on the fact that I HAVE lost 8 pounds since school started -- and I HAVE kept those off. I've got a plan, I'm pressing forward, and I have confidence it's gonna work.

At some point.

Now.... We're three weeks down, and you can tell from the numbers below that we have some Peeps in this challenge who are really Rockin' it out. Holy Cow. AND we have some people like me who are stuck in one spot and not making a lot of headway.

I'm making some changes this week -- if they work, I'll let you know next week. BUT I'm going to keep my cards a bit close to the vest until I know for sure.

Forever Yours,

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1; Total 3.6
Amber B. -- Total Lost 1.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Total Lost 2.5
Ann C. -- Total Lost 1
Annette T. -- Total Lost 3
Cindi C. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 6
Cissa N. -- Gonna Keep Truckin'!
Crystal V. -- Total Lost 2
Cyndi S. -- Lost 3.1; Total Lost 3.1
D'Lupe -- Lost .7; Total Lost 1
Jimmie Sue L. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 2.5
Julie N. -- Total Lost .1
Kara V. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Katie R. -- Total Lost 2
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 3
Kayren B. -- Lost 1.5; Total Lost 2
Kelley B.
Kristine F. -- Lost 2.9; Total Lost 3.1
Laura Kay R. -- Total Lost 2
Laurie Y. -- Lost .5; Total 1.5
Leanne J. -- Lost 1.2; Total 2
Liz E. -- Total Lost 1
Lori A. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 2.5
Melanie H. -- Total Lost 1
Melissa H. -- Total Lost 1
Melody H.
Molly C. -- Total Lost 3
Nadine L. -- Total Lost 2
Rachel R. -- Total Lost 4.8
Rebecca B. -- Lost 2; Total Lost 2
Sally P. -- Total Lost .5
Sarah A. -- Lost 3; Total Lost 7
Sharon V. -- Lost 3; Total Lost 3
Sherrie W. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 6
Suzi B. -- Today is a new day!!!
Tammy H. -- Lost 2.4; Total 4.5
Taunda J. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 5
Vicki T. -- Lost 2.4; Total Lost 3.5

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