Wednesday, January 19, 2011

25/21: Argh.

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday.

I didn't say that with a single ounce of enthusiasm in my voice -- not today. It's not because my Wii Me just told me I gained .7 pound this week. I'm okay with that.

It's because I hurt ALL over -- and it's Jillian's fault. That's right. The Evil Jillian.

I was all ready for yesterday to get here. After more than a week of cold and wet weather, I'd had enough of sitting on the couch quilting. I'd had enough hot chocolate to sink a small battleship, and it was time to get moving again. (See? .7+ pound.)

So yesterday morning I woke up ALL fired up --and it was wet and cold outside. Still. Not at all the weather I was looking for.

M'Lys had given me Jillian's Fitness Ultimatum 2011 for birthday, and I popped it in. My thought was that I could play with it a bit and have something positive to share with you today.

Well. Holy Cow. I hurt. I'm not sure what Jillian did, but my hips, butt, thighs and shoulders all got the most impact. It's the good hurt. The hurt that lets you know you worked muscles that have been dormant since 1984.

Once I finished playing around with the Fitness Ultimatum, I walked 7.5 miles. So yes, yesterday was a turn-around. And I'm glad to get this party started!

Send me your numbers, and I'll get them in The Spreadsheet! dlynbiggs (at) yahoo (dot) com. Let me know what's working/ not working for you!

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1; Total 2.6
Amber B. -- Holding Steady; Total 2.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Ann C. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Annette T. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Cindi C. -- Lost 2; Total 6
Cissa N. -- Tomorrow is a new day!
Crystal V. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Cyndi S. -- Just getting started....
D'Lupe -- Gained .7; Total Lost .3
Jimmie Sue L. -- Total Lost 2.5
Julie N. -- Lost .9; Total 2.9
Kara V. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Katie R. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 2
Kayren B. -- Total Lost .5
Kelley B.
Kristine F. --
Laura Kay R. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Laurie Y. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Leanne J. -- Lost .6; Total .8
Liz E. -- Lost 2; Total 1
Lori A. -- Total Lost 1.5
Melanie H. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Melissa H. -- Lost .5; Total 1
Melody H.
Molly C. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Nadine L. -- Lost 2.5; Total 2.5
Rachel R. -- Lost 3.4; Total 3.4
Rebecca B. -- Holding Steady
Sally P. -- Total Lost .5
Sarah A. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Sharon V. -- Holding Steady
Sherrie W. -- Lost 6; Total 6
Suzi B. -- Total 2
Tammy H. -- Holding Steady; Total 2.1
Taunda J. -- Lost 2.5; Total 5
Vicki T. -- Total Lost 1.1

What We Learned:

From Leanne J: The only thing I can attribute the loss to is starting to drink one green smoothie for breakfast everyday. I make them with strawberries, half an orange, half a banana, a handful of kale, a few ice cubes, and 1/3 c of 1% cottage cheese. It's packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins! And while it looks pretty awful, it tastes delicious and is definitely worth it. Next week I'm adding spinach to it as well.

From Kara V: Jillian's 30 Day Shred is also a huge butt kicker, by the way. I may need to pull mine out soon!

From Sally P: Lindsay Brine kicked my behind yesterday & I'm doing her cardio today (day 2). I hope I can survive her 60 day program. I keep thinking it's not as brutal as P90x so I should be good.

From Cindi C: Still just limiting my soda intake and watching my portion sizes. Seems to be working so far!

Disclaimer: I don't work for Jillian or Wii or Nintendo or any of those peeps. While I did get the game (?) for free, it was from M'Lys for my 40th birthday. I'm 100% sure Jillian and the gang have no idea I exist -- much less write a blog that's faithfully read by four marvelous readers.

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jnors said...

As one of your four readers, I'd like to thank you for your blogging. I am challenged or educated in some way by your posts, you know. :) Plus, I like the soundtrack!