Friday, January 28, 2011

25/21: I'm a Slow Girl, But I Mean Well.....

Before I say anything else, I've got to tell ya'll thank you for the Phenomenal support you've given me after my post the other day. I think that sometimes people like me who go and do and share and help and all that jazz tend to have these grande expectations that other people will react the same when we need someone to stand in the gap for us. Or react at all. And when our friends or family don't live up to our "lofty expectations," it's anything but cool. At the same time, I hate to think of the bajillions of times I've let people down in much the same way because I have simply run out of steam.

I'm just thankful today for what God has given me, where it's been given. I'm blessed.

So.... Now that we've covered all that craziness, let me tell you I've come to a BIG realization. This week our little group lost 17.1 lbs. -- compared to 35.1 last week. I think part of that is probably because those "easy" pounds that drop right off as soon as you stop drinking your Daily Dr. Pepper have dropped off by now. I also think that the initial excitement and enthusiasm have maybe been replaced by the REALITY that this is a "Challenge" for a reason.

But never fear, D'Lupe is here!

For the last few weeks, I've absorbed your suggestions... I've listened to what's working for you and what isn't -- all while eating about 2 dozen cookies, continuing to drink my hot cocoa, and yes, there's the entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips....

BUT.... I have learned a few things. Or rather, I've reinforced several things I already knew.

For one, exercise alone won't cut it. You've got to have some kind of portion control/dessert control/willpower control element in there.

At the same time, diet alone won't cut it either. You've got to exercise to build in that calorie-burning, muscle-building component.

Finally, checking in with you every week just doesn't do it for me. I love you, but I need more. I need Daily Accountability. It is so easy for me to coast through the week, eat a salad on Tuesday night, and pout when my Wii Me tells me I'm fat on Wednesday morning.

I woke up Wednesday and realized it was time I stopped piddle-farting around. The rubber needed to meet the road. I needed to pull up my knee socks, stop whining and put my big girl panties on. That's right. I threw every Grannie Nelva-ism at myself that I could think of. And added a few D'Lupe-isms for good measure.

And guess what? Dear friends, this applies to you, too. (You know I know your numbers.)

So... I followed Leanne's advice that she's ONLY shared with me every week since we started, and started a log in my calendar. I'm writing down everything I eat. How much I exercise and how much weight I've lost that day. Every day. It's the only way I can do this thing. It's the exact same thing I did with Weight Watchers years ago (only then I used their online tool), and it worked for me then. This time, though, I'm going the free route and using my paper calendar. I'm not tallying points or calories or fat grams or any of that. I'm just writing down what I eat. And it's working.

Really, it is. Or I wouldn't share.

In a completely different aspect of this whole "plan," I played in the kitchen a bit on Wednesday. I've really been trying to work my way through the pantry and use up some of our groceries. I came up with this BRILLIANT idea of making a sweet potato soup. Sweet potatoes are GREAT for you -- lots of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

I LOVE baked potato soup, so why wouldn't I love sweet potato soup??

So here's what I did. I took the two cans of Sugary Sam sweet potatoes left over from Christmas. Big cans. I drained them and rinsed them in hopes of getting some of the Sugary part of the Sugary Sam off of them. I cooked that with some chicken broth and smushed them up when they were hot. I tasted it. Not quite there.

So.... I added a large can of pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) Once it was all heated and cooked, I added some cream (needed to get it out of the refrigerator.)

Tasted again. Still not quite there. In went about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a healthy measure of cinnamon. A few chopped-up roasted pecans made for garnish.

Now... I know you're thinking Cream and Brown Sugar are hardly part of a weight-loss diet. BUT you're wrong. They are absolutely necessary for making this otherwise-healthy concoction palatable. If you can't stand to eat it, what good does it do you to have all those antioxidants sitting around???

Now.... Some of you have been around here long enough to discern that I'm a few crayons short of a full box. And that's okay. BUT what you don't realize is that I'm a Genius in Hiding (not evidenced by the fact that I just made a HUGE mess in my kitchen with an Advocare shake and my Cuisinart Smart Stick.)

But here's the deal. I got Abs and Kait to eat my "Pumpkin Potato Soup" concoction. Yep. I'm Da Bomb. Since they screw up their cute little noses and complain whenever I make soup, I told them it was a new sauce for their tortellinis. AND so they wouldn't balk at the idea of something new, I covered myself by heating up a jar of red sauce. AND do you know what??? When offered the same thing as leftovers last night, their FIRST PICK was the pumpkin sauce!!! Yee-Haw!!

I had it again last night as well. I have to confess, it wasn't much different last night than the night before. BUT the fact that it isn't the tastiest thing ever helped me keep my portion size down. AND it's incredibly filling as well -- really, you can't eat all that much of it. So.... I'm thinking it's a win-win.

And now you know the rest of the story.....

Disclaimer: I've never met Sugary Sam, and while my Momma would just have a COW if she knew I used canned sweet potatoes, she'd just have to deal with it. This Christmas was NOT a time to stand on ceremony. Short-cuts saved my life.

The Cutest Thing Ever.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love it When People Come Together....

This is a tale of two stories. Each is painful in its own accord. But each story has a completely different outcome. One makes me smile. A lot.

Some of you know what has been going on around here the last few months, but most of you don't know the gory details. Yes, you know that Dresser is being bought by GE -- which will impact our lives. AND you know that The Mimi has been sick. But you don't know all the details of either event.

I can't share those details here. Of the four of you who read this blog, at least one or two is too close to one or both of the situations at hand. I can't tell you how these situtations are affecting me. You know the parties involved. And even I have limits as to what I'll share in this forum.

Recently I was given an opportunity to share with a group of friends from the past. Each of these women knew me well at one time -- as well as anyone did. We had shared some pretty cool experiences a few years back.

So I shared. I laid it all out there. No holds barred. Probably more openly than I have with anyone else.

No one in this group lives here, runs in my circles, "visits" at PTO functions. No one in this group knows the inner workings of my life now. It was the perfect group to share with. I thought.

I guess I was wrong.

Time and distance have stretched those relationships. Dude.

My heart has been breaking over what's going on -- and not one of those women replied. No concern. No empathy. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. Not a single reply. Not an "I'll be praying for you." Not an "I'm sorry." Or "That Sucks." Nothing.

Are you Kidding Me???

On the other hand, Susan over at Toddler Planet posted about the Absolutely Crappy stuff she had to deal with on Friday. Stuff that no young mother should ever have to deal with. Just as she always does, Susan laid it all out there -- she doesn't mince words. She tells it like it is. Cancer isn't pretty. And the experiences it brings into your life are nothing you'd wish for ANYONE.

I'm guessing Susan has never even met half the people who read her blog. She's never met them for coffee or gelato or whatever. And while she's open and honest and very, very real -- she can't even begin to visualize the people who read what she writes -- often in tears.

But here's the cool part... Where I reached out to people I KNOW and it fell on deaf ears, Susan shared with complete strangers who have now become this Army of Warrior Princesses who have her back. Susan already had an Army of Support. It just has a name now. And how cool is that??

So here's the scoop. God has given me an incredible gift. Pruning is part of life. Healthy life. Right?

He's also given Susan an incredible gift. An Army of Warrior Princesses. Check out her blog to see how you can join in.

25/21: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes....

Well. I feel like I'm hosting a party, and I forgot to attend. Have you ever had that feeling?? I mean, seriously. This 25/21 challenge is ROCKING. And I'm not exactly ROCKING. Sure, I'm back where I was two weeks ago. But the goal is to be back where I was July 2008 -- and that's going to take more than a little effort.

You know??

Really, it's not like I'm flying blind on this one. I'm just not doing what I know I need to do. I'm a bit envious of those people who can quit drinking sodas, or drop fast food, or whatever and lose 10 pounds right off the bat.

For me, it's a slightly different story. I don't drink sodas. I don't eat fast food. My list of "don'ts" is fairly long.

BUT... I do love sweets and lately I do have a problem with portion size.

So.... Much as my friend Sally said last week, I'm not letting this get me down. I am focusing on the fact that I HAVE lost 8 pounds since school started -- and I HAVE kept those off. I've got a plan, I'm pressing forward, and I have confidence it's gonna work.

At some point.

Now.... We're three weeks down, and you can tell from the numbers below that we have some Peeps in this challenge who are really Rockin' it out. Holy Cow. AND we have some people like me who are stuck in one spot and not making a lot of headway.

I'm making some changes this week -- if they work, I'll let you know next week. BUT I'm going to keep my cards a bit close to the vest until I know for sure.

Forever Yours,

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1; Total 3.6
Amber B. -- Total Lost 1.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Total Lost 2.5
Ann C. -- Total Lost 1
Annette T. -- Total Lost 3
Cindi C. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 6
Cissa N. -- Gonna Keep Truckin'!
Crystal V. -- Total Lost 2
Cyndi S. -- Lost 3.1; Total Lost 3.1
D'Lupe -- Lost .7; Total Lost 1
Jimmie Sue L. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 2.5
Julie N. -- Total Lost .1
Kara V. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Katie R. -- Total Lost 2
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 3
Kayren B. -- Lost 1.5; Total Lost 2
Kelley B.
Kristine F. -- Lost 2.9; Total Lost 3.1
Laura Kay R. -- Total Lost 2
Laurie Y. -- Lost .5; Total 1.5
Leanne J. -- Lost 1.2; Total 2
Liz E. -- Total Lost 1
Lori A. -- Lost 1; Total Lost 2.5
Melanie H. -- Total Lost 1
Melissa H. -- Total Lost 1
Melody H.
Molly C. -- Total Lost 3
Nadine L. -- Total Lost 2
Rachel R. -- Total Lost 4.8
Rebecca B. -- Lost 2; Total Lost 2
Sally P. -- Total Lost .5
Sarah A. -- Lost 3; Total Lost 7
Sharon V. -- Lost 3; Total Lost 3
Sherrie W. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 6
Suzi B. -- Today is a new day!!!
Tammy H. -- Lost 2.4; Total 4.5
Taunda J. -- Holding Steady; Total Lost 5
Vicki T. -- Lost 2.4; Total Lost 3.5

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/21: You Are What You Wear...

How's it going???

Are ya'll ready to weigh in tomorrow morning??? I have to admit, I've done more than a couple of weigh-ins this week. Every time I get on the Wii, my Wii-Me has to tell me what she thinks. As of right now, I'm exactly where I was last week. No more, no less. BUT.... we have the annual Rice Baseball Dinner tonight. Be praying I can abstain from the goodies!!! Yikes!!!

Don't forget to weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm anxious to hear what kind of a week you've all had!!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple of links with you. If you've ever walked the 3-Day with me, you know I'm all about tennis and running skirts. I just think they serve a very important purpose -- they make you feel pretty!!!

The first year I wore a tennis skirt on the 3-Day, there were maybe one or two others. Now, they're everywhere! I think that makes me a trendsetter, right??

One of my favorite places is to order them is SmashGal. This is a company based in The Woodlands. I have a couple of skirts from there -- my Zebra skirt with the built-in shorts is my all-time fave. I've gotten tons of compliments on it!!!

My other favorite is Team Sparkle. Their running skirts are a bit different. None of them have built-in shorts. These are the skirts we're going to be using on the 3-Day this year. We're wearing Turquoise, which has proven to be a GREAT signature color for Team Tiara. It's easy to spot our team members in the sea of pink. In fact, this year we had a team member who joined the team at the very last minute. After the walk, she sent an email saying she never found us. My first thought was "How'd she miss us???" (I had been wondering where she was all weekend -- never could find her.)

But really, Turquoise does stand out -- and makes us easy to spot whether on the trails, at a pit stop or at lunch. So sticking with Turquoise throughout the weekend will Rock.

Now..... I'm off to the gym. It's just a bit too windy and cold for me to be on my bike today. I have to tell you, I HATE the gym. It's so stagnant. You know? Yesterday, I uploaded a couple of movies to watch on my IPod. I thought that would make the time go by faster, right? Well... The first one I uploaded had a ton of great reviews. I didn't have time to read it all that closely, but I gathered it was a great comedy everyone liked. Until I got on the bike and started watching, I had no idea it was a movie about two lesbians. Who kissed in the opening scene. Not exactly my cup of tea. So.... that's $14.99 wasted, and now I'm down to one movie to watch.

Better get going, though. The really gung-ho work-out Peeps should be gone by now. It's my turn.

Disclaimer: I've never starred in a movie, although I was in a TV commercial for the 3-Day. I do not work for either SmashGal or Team Sparkle. Neither company has ever sent me a free running or tennis skirt, so I'd talk about them on my blog. I've personally paid for every tennis skirt in my closet -- including the ones that don't fit. BUT they will. Soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

25/21: Results this Week!

Hey gang!
More of our Peeps reported in this week, which helped our totals! We lost a total of 35.1 pounds this week, as opposed to 32.8 last week. I say that "we" loosely, because as ya'll all know I didn't exactly contribute this week.

But that's all good.....

After spending time with Jillian Tuesday and Wednesday, and walking 7.5 miles on Tuesday and biking 15 miles on Wednesday, yesterday was a day of recovery.

Yep. Jillian kicked my butt.

I don't know what was so special about her workout, or if it was the combination of the workout and the additional walking/ biking..... But whatever it was, I was in pain. The kind of pain where it hurts to sit down -- and get up. It rocked. I haven't hurt like that since the first Boot Camp I did with Charlotte.

So... Yesterday I took a day to recover -- and stay warm.

This morning I spent some time with my Wii Me and am happy to report I'm back down .7 pounds. Where I was last week. So.... it's off to the races, my friends!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

25/21: Argh.

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday.

I didn't say that with a single ounce of enthusiasm in my voice -- not today. It's not because my Wii Me just told me I gained .7 pound this week. I'm okay with that.

It's because I hurt ALL over -- and it's Jillian's fault. That's right. The Evil Jillian.

I was all ready for yesterday to get here. After more than a week of cold and wet weather, I'd had enough of sitting on the couch quilting. I'd had enough hot chocolate to sink a small battleship, and it was time to get moving again. (See? .7+ pound.)

So yesterday morning I woke up ALL fired up --and it was wet and cold outside. Still. Not at all the weather I was looking for.

M'Lys had given me Jillian's Fitness Ultimatum 2011 for birthday, and I popped it in. My thought was that I could play with it a bit and have something positive to share with you today.

Well. Holy Cow. I hurt. I'm not sure what Jillian did, but my hips, butt, thighs and shoulders all got the most impact. It's the good hurt. The hurt that lets you know you worked muscles that have been dormant since 1984.

Once I finished playing around with the Fitness Ultimatum, I walked 7.5 miles. So yes, yesterday was a turn-around. And I'm glad to get this party started!

Send me your numbers, and I'll get them in The Spreadsheet! dlynbiggs (at) yahoo (dot) com. Let me know what's working/ not working for you!

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1; Total 2.6
Amber B. -- Holding Steady; Total 2.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Ann C. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Annette T. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Cindi C. -- Lost 2; Total 6
Cissa N. -- Tomorrow is a new day!
Crystal V. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Cyndi S. -- Just getting started....
D'Lupe -- Gained .7; Total Lost .3
Jimmie Sue L. -- Total Lost 2.5
Julie N. -- Lost .9; Total 2.9
Kara V. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Katie R. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 2
Kayren B. -- Total Lost .5
Kelley B.
Kristine F. --
Laura Kay R. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Laurie Y. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Leanne J. -- Lost .6; Total .8
Liz E. -- Lost 2; Total 1
Lori A. -- Total Lost 1.5
Melanie H. -- Holding Steady; Total 1
Melissa H. -- Lost .5; Total 1
Melody H.
Molly C. -- Lost 3; Total 3
Nadine L. -- Lost 2.5; Total 2.5
Rachel R. -- Lost 3.4; Total 3.4
Rebecca B. -- Holding Steady
Sally P. -- Total Lost .5
Sarah A. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Sharon V. -- Holding Steady
Sherrie W. -- Lost 6; Total 6
Suzi B. -- Total 2
Tammy H. -- Holding Steady; Total 2.1
Taunda J. -- Lost 2.5; Total 5
Vicki T. -- Total Lost 1.1

What We Learned:

From Leanne J: The only thing I can attribute the loss to is starting to drink one green smoothie for breakfast everyday. I make them with strawberries, half an orange, half a banana, a handful of kale, a few ice cubes, and 1/3 c of 1% cottage cheese. It's packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins! And while it looks pretty awful, it tastes delicious and is definitely worth it. Next week I'm adding spinach to it as well.

From Kara V: Jillian's 30 Day Shred is also a huge butt kicker, by the way. I may need to pull mine out soon!

From Sally P: Lindsay Brine kicked my behind yesterday & I'm doing her cardio today (day 2). I hope I can survive her 60 day program. I keep thinking it's not as brutal as P90x so I should be good.

From Cindi C: Still just limiting my soda intake and watching my portion sizes. Seems to be working so far!

Disclaimer: I don't work for Jillian or Wii or Nintendo or any of those peeps. While I did get the game (?) for free, it was from M'Lys for my 40th birthday. I'm 100% sure Jillian and the gang have no idea I exist -- much less write a blog that's faithfully read by four marvelous readers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't you love it how God.....

... Gives you just what you need -- just when you need it??

Ya'll know Tuesday wasn't the best day around here. To say my nerves were frayed would be an understatement. Yes, I had on my cute boots. But other than that, things were a bit haywire.

The trampoline has a HUGE hole in it where the black jumpy mat part isn't attached any more. Ugly Sink, which has been the bane of my existence for years, had developed three leaks. While the fact that it was going to have to be replaced was GREAT, the timing was a bit off. And then the toilet in our bathroom overflowed -- and not just a little. Praise God for tile.

So that's what started off my morning on Tuesday. And don't get me wrong -- there was some INCREDIBLE stuff going on as well. Tuesday morning Mitsubishi Forklift of Houston presented Team Tiara with an amazing check -- the result of the sale of "Pinkie." The sale will help fund walkers in the Breast Cancer 3-Day -- how cool is that????

But Tuesday morning... maybe it was the cold, or maybe it was the fact that when I ordered a Caramel Apple Cider at my Starbuck's they just gave me hot apple juice (which I didn't discover until way too late), but it was taking me a while to get up off the ground. I had make-up on, and my cute boots, but just wasn't my usual perky self.

I needed some therapy -- of the shopping kind. And since I also needed to purchase a couple of T-shirts from Rice, I headed that way.

And that's where I was when I got word that Jenne Fromme, 3-Day Spokeswoman Extraordinaire, had stepped down from her role -- and the Powers That Be are looking to hire a new representative -- from the ranks of the 3-Day.

My Dream Job.

I can't tell you how much I'd love this job. You get to represent the 3-Day in all 14 cities of the walk. To have that opportunity to share love and hope and happiness with all those walkers --I can't even imagine how incredible that would be. To host Camp Show each night would be a blast -- with the exception of the slight fact that I can't dance. But with the exception of the dancing part, this is my kind of job.

(With Jenne and Suzi in 2007)
There's just one rub. You get to represent the 3-Day at all 14 events. Events that begin in July and end in.... November. I'd miss my girls' entire soccer season. Their birthdays. I just can't do that.
Maybe in a few years when they're older and my life is a bit more flexible. Maybe then I'll be able to take on a role like Jenne's. But not now.
So knowing me, I'm sure you know that my Tuesday continued on in a not-soooooo-great manner.
I was in one of those places where I want to do more, but just can't see how. I get like that sometimes. Sometimes this whole breast cancer thing drags me down a bit as I wonder how long it will be before we find a cure. How many choices will I have to make before that happens? Will they still be needing a spokesperson when the girls are old enough for me to take on a role like that, or will we be DONE with this fight? How much longer can I continue to keep all these balls in the air? Do I really know what I'm doing??
Not having kids around, my mind had plenty of time to wander. Is this really where I need to concentrate my efforts? Do I need to work with children, be a missionary, live in a grass hut? Is there a better way for me to use my talents? Be creative?
And then... God gave me just what I needed. When I needed it.
In the form of a FB conversation with Amy Stoker. For those of you who follow my "no coincidences" belief, this one is going to blow your socks off.
Ya'll all know I met Amy in LA when we all went out there for the 3-Day commercial shoot. Amy and her sister-in-law Meg joined in the fun and blessed all of us with their spirit and love and energy and humor.... The list goes on and on. That weekend will forever hold as one of the most amazing weekends of my life.
Last fall, I had business cards printed with 50 different pictures from the 3-Day. My 50 favorites from five years -- a different picture on each card.
While Biggs was in Scotland (the same week I drove through the garage), I had to take the truck in to the Ford dealership for a few repairs. While I waited I tied ribbon after ribbon after ribbon making hair pretties for our team.
And I visited with the lady sitting next to me. She belongs to a bowling league that has a Bowl for the Cure event each year and donates the proceeds to Komen. Ever the 3-Day walker, I suggested they donate their funds to Komen THROUGH our 3-Day team, and help fund some of our walkers. She said she'd talk to the league about it, I handed her a random business card with a random picture on it, and went on my way.
End of story.
I thought.

On Tuesday, God decided I needed a little something extra, so He sent word through Amy that the business card had in fact landed with the bowling league and they were, in fact, considering donating their funds to Komen through our 3-Day Team. And how did Amy know?
Well, the woman I met at the Ford dealership took my card to her bowling league where she showed it to a friend who happened to be....
Are you ready for this??
Meg's Mom!!!!!!!
That would be the same Meg whose picture was on the card!!!
How cool is that??
But guess what? It gets even better. Wednesday morning, while I was still marvelling over the way God puts the pieces into place for This Team in ways we could never ask or imagine, He did something else for me.
When I got home from dropping the kiddos off at school, THIS was on my garage.

He gives me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a Week!!!

Hey Peeps!

We still have a few stragglers who haven't reported in this week, but our group total is up over 30 pounds lost! How cool is that? If you ARE one of the stragglers, just shoot me a msg or email and let me know where you're at....

I loved seeing what was working for everyone! Boy, giving up Sodas seemed to be a regular theme, didn't it??? And using some sort of online tool to track your day.

This announcement popped into my inbox this morning. Many of you know Charlotte Byrne is the best personal trainer in the universe, and I think she ROCKS! Charlotte works with our neighborhood gym which has these class offerings:

Just a heads up in case you haven't heard of the new classes being offered right here in the 'hood!
We have a new 'Circuit with the Trainers" fitness Class! This class is taught by all THREE trainers!!! One hour, 3, trainers, and 12 Weeks to a more sensational you!! kickbox, cardio, plyo's and Pilates. Nutritionist available as well. Tues/thurs. beginning NEXT Tues! morning and evening classes available
And the new "Shed and Shred" Another kind of boot camp to shed any weight and sculpt the body you have been wishing for! Begins next Tues.; Tues/Thurs mornings, Mon/Wed. Evenings.
and also "Gift of Fitness" is here again!! that's 10 personal training sessions for $275!! That's over $100 off the regular price! Or you can sit down with our Nutritionist and get some help on your journey to fantastic health!

Act now to get in on these amazing deals!! Hurry before it's too late to use these tools to get the best you ever!!! Call the Fairfield Athletic Center for more details, or Allison Weaver 713.922.4391.

Gotta run! Six kids in the house that I've got to get to school on time!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is Weigh-In Wednesday!

Okay, gang, send me your stuff! Did you lose? Did you gain? Did you stay right-smack-dab where you were to start with? Are you just starting today and need your name on The Spreadsheet??

Let me know! (dlynbiggs (@) yahoo (that little dot-thingy) com.)

So as for me??? Even with all the peanut butter chips and pretty much nothing going as planned this week, I'm down a pound. Must be the hummus?? Seriously, yesterday was The Day NOT To Be Repeated. The trampoline is broken. The kitchen sink has three leaks. One of the downstairs toilets overflowed (and no Barbie in sight.) NOT the perfect day. But we survived. The temperatures can pretty much "only go up from here."

And really? All wasn't a total loss because These Boots (in rope brown / barrel brown) have been making my feet feel loved.

So.... Weigh -in Wednesday. Whatcha Got???

Name -- Lost this Week -- Total for the Challenge
Aimee D. -- Lost 1.6; Total 1.6
Amber B. -- Lost 2.4; Total 2.4
Amy B.
Amy S. -- Starting this week.
Ann C.
Annette T. --
Cindi C. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Cissa N. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Crystal V. --
Cyndi S.
D'Lupe -- Lost 1; Total 1
Jimmie Sue L. -- Lost 4; Total 4
Julie N. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Kara V. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Katie R.
Kay R. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Kayren B. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Kelley B.
Kristine F. --
Laura Kay R.
Laurie Y. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Leanne J. -- Lost .2; Total .2
Liz E. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Lori A. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Melanie H. -- Lost 1; Total 1
Melissa H. -- Lost .5; Total .5
Melody H.
Molly C.
Nadine L.
Rachel R. --
Rebecca B.
Sally P. -- Lost 1.5; Total 1.5
Sarah A.
Sharon V.
Sherrie W.
Suzi B. -- Lost 2; Total 2
Tammy H. -- Lost 2.1; Total 2.1
Taunda J. -- Lost 2.5; Total 2.5
Vicki T. -- Lost 2.2; Total 2.2

What we Learned:
From Leanne J: Knowing that I'd have to send this e-mail was a big accountability that I've never had in weight-loss before. I used Lose It, an awesome app for the ipod, iphone, and ipad. It's AWESOME and helped me track my food and exercise. Keeping track of everything I eat (even that mug of nothing but whipped cream!) helped me to think before I put something in my mouth.

From Aimee D: I really have not started working out yet, I just have watched what I have been eating and my portion sizes.

From Tammy H.: Been doing some jogging and increased fruit and water intake.

From Cindi C: I am so shocked with my week.... I really didn't change anything other than watch my portion sizes and try to reduce soda intake.

From Lori A: I gave up soda a year ago at Christmas and have stuck to that, so pretty all I ever drink is water (unless I need some hot tea or a fru fru coffee from time to time.) I’m doing Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away The Pounds” (1 mile work out) which is great for a 41 year old someone full of cellulite and totally out of shape!!! :) In the next day or two, I’ll be ready to move up to the 2-mile workout, and that’s when I start seeing some toning taking place. Her 3-mile totally kicks my butt! I’m pretty much eating whatever the family eats at dinner time, and just a meal shake (from Advocare), bowl of cereal, or a Special K bar for breakfast and/or lunch. That works for me.

Sally P: I did start drinking herbal tea instead of soda. And took the BioLean supplement a few days.

Amber B: I'm drinking slimfast shakes for breakfast, trying to eat a healthy lunch, eating fruit for snacks, and then I'm eating whatever for dinner but trying to slim my portion sizes down. I'm also doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for my exercise.

Jimmie Sue: I've been watching the food intake, eating healthier, and run/walking 3-4 times per week for around 7-9 miles total. I find that tracking it all on keeps me more accountable.

Disclaimer: I don't work for The North Face and I didn't get the boots for free as some giftie-promote-it-on-your-blog advertising thingy. When only four people read your blog, your chances of hitting the free thingy jackpot are pretty slim. But I love reading the disclaimers on some blogs and decided I needed one today.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

25/21: Tomorrow is Weigh-in Wednesday!!!


This hasn't been the best "launch" week for me in accomplishing any goal. Sure, I rode my bike a couple of days last week, but right now it's about 38 degrees outside. I don't do cold, and I don't like the gym. So... Not the best week for weight-loss around here.

But that's okay. You win some, you lose some and a few get rained out. And I'm fine with that. The temperatures will be back up by the weekend, I'll be back out in the Great Outdoors, and things will be looking up.

I have to confess that the "eating" side of things hasn't been perfect, either. It appears that I have far too many baking ingredients left over from Christmas. And while we don't have candy in the house, per say, I did manage to consume an entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips this week. And all this cold weather has me drinking hot chocolate like it's going out of style.

I think I need a mulligan.

So how is it going for you?? Better than for me, I hope! I'm anxious to hear!!!

So... With Weigh-in Wednesday looming, here's what I need from you.

Tomorrow morning, first thing, before you even discover that you, too, have a bag of Reese's Chips in your pantry, you've got to weigh in.

I know you didn't start this process until Thursday or Friday or this morning, and that's okay. This will get us all on the same page.

Please send me your pounds lost / gained (argh!) to dlynbiggs (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Now.... In the interest of good vibes and sanity, I'm not going to share with the crowd if you've gained this week. Or if you stayed even. You'll just get little hash mark next to your name. Same thing if I don't hear from you one week. But I do need to have your pounds lost in the spreadsheet du jour so I can keep up with the happy little totals.

Please also share with me a little blurb about what worked / didn't work for you. I know some of us have shared this on FB, and that's been kinda fun to watch.

Now... Don't worry if you're just getting started. The more the merrier -- just let me know who you are so I can get you in The Spreadsheet.

AND.... This is of utmost importance -- Do Not let it get you down if you didn't lose weight. There are so many factors to the weight-loss process that factor into that. You may be just starting and need to build some muscle first. You may not be one of those people who loses pounds until later -- but whose body shape begins changing immediately. You may be one of those people who has PMS and is carrying around a small ocean right now.

And I know we have some friends hanging with us through this process who only want to lose 5-10 pounds. At the same time, we have some who are looking at 50. This isn't something where there are a lot of "RULES." It's whatever you make it.

Now... One more thing and then I'm off to buy a new sink for my kitchen. (Three leaks!!! THREE!!!!!!!) I'm going to do the first-thing-in-the-morning weigh-in in the privacy of my bathroom to get how much I lost this first week (if any.) But then, I'm going to put on a cute little tennis skirt and top (I know. It's 38 outside.) and uses my Wii Fit to get a second weight. From here on out, that will be what I wear to weigh in, and I'll let my Wii Fit do the math.

That way, I have the bare-bones-minimum weight from Day 1 that I can use as my starting weight, but I'll have the satisfaction of watching my Wii Me get skinnier each week.

So that's how I'm gonna do it. Can't wait to hear from all of you!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's About Time.....

So... I just took a very bold step and registered for the 2011 Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington, D.C.

The walk will be September 21-23, and I can't wait.

This has been a really tough decision for me -- Boston or D.C. -- I just couldn't decide. I've waffled back and forth. I don't really have ties to Boston -- but I thought it would be great to walk with the Parrish girls up there. And it would have been. It would have been incredible.

But I LOVE D.C. My first trip there was in 1997 with the "Friendship 77" -- the Texas contingency of the Rural Electric Youth Tour. With Dennis Engelke at the healm, we packed into two Greyhound buses for a 14-Day trip to/from D.C.

We had devotionals. We cried at the Vietnam Memorial. We laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. We met our Congressmen. We forged friendships that are still going strong today, and that trip had a HUGE impact on my life.

I made the trip again a few years later. I have absolutely no memories of that trip beyond that fact that we stayed on campus at Georgetown. Isn't that terrible?? I have pictures from the trip -- one of a bunch of us by a broken-down bus. But no "Dennis" at the healm and no life-changing experiences.

And then I went to D.C. AGAIN. The summer before my senior year at A&M. This time as a proud member of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, or ACT for short. Again, a time spent with great friends. By the time I came home, I was a national officer -- but that wasn't the best part.

The best part was spending the July 4th weekend with a few former FFA National Officers. Holy Cow. It was the BEST trip. They introduced me to a whole new world -- and the fact that you could be independent in a big city without tour guides! We toured the Smithsonian, discussed deep topics such as dairy cattle judging, and rode the rides at Kings Dominion. We spent the night at the Lohr family farm in Broadway, VA, and my naivety proved to be a bit embarrassing during dinner (a common theme throughout my life.) The best part? Cracker Barrel -- I'd never been to one. And I instantly became their #1 fan.

Ooooh. I'd better take that back. The best part was spending July 4th at the Iwo Jima Memorial in DC and watching the fireworks while we listened to the concert. THAT was the best part.

It was a magical trip. Can you tell?

So yes, that played a part in my decision to register for D.C. But that's not all. Remember the Lohr family? Matt is now a state rep in Virginia, and his wife Andrea is a Survivor. And while I've never even met Andrea, I want to walk for her.

Last week we received a Christmas card all the way from Maryland from our grad-school friend, Gregory McHugh. Greg's card featured him with his two beautiful daughters -- but someone was missing. His precious wife Sonja. We weren't able to find a CURE for Sonja before she went to be with Jesus. For a few years, it's been on my heart to walk in D.C. for her.

And then.... The clincher.... This morning, I woke to the news that Susan Niebur, also known as WhyMommy, has been diagnosed with her fourth cancer / recurrence in four years. This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

If you don't know Susan's story, I challenge you to read her blog:

I don't know Susan -- I have been following her blog for what seems forever. And I've traded emails with her a couple of times. But you don't have to read far or long to know that Susan is exactly the kind of person we need to be fighting for. She is a woman who fights for us -- but even more importantly for our children, and especially our girls. Susan works to show that there are NO limits for girls in science -- that they can go anywhere and achieve anything they set their minds to. Susan knows -- she works for NASA.

I'm walking for Susan. I'm walking because I know many of the treatments that she has encountered or will encounter have been discovered using fundraising dollars donated to Komen. Those same dollars that Team Tiara has spent the last five years raising. I'm walking for Susan because we need to do whatever we can to help her beat cancer once and for all.

I'm walking. And I'm proud and excited and just can't wait.

So here's the scoop. If you want to come walk with me, it's easy. You can register here. Yep. Team Tiara is in da House! It's easy. You just have to click on Join Team. And throughout the month of January, you'll save $25 on your registration with the Discount Code "SAVE25."

Please note, if you know me and you live anwhere near D.C., I fully expect you to join me on this walk!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blown Away by 25/21

So this morning I'm a bit blown away. So far we have 26 women who have joined in the 25/21 Challenge!! (And two great guys who would welcome some of that weight!)

Do you realize with 26 women I'm gonna have to make a spreadsheet???? How crazy is that??

So for today -- all you have to do is weigh butt-nekkid in the comfort of your own home. I kind of giggle as I type that. Kristine F. is going to weigh on her Wii Balance Board (mine is the bane of my existence). That would never work here, as mine is right smack dab in the middle of my living room -- in full view of the UPS man when he drops off packages. Yikes.

Sharon V. did ask me where the weigh-in was. I'm glad we made it in the comfort of YOUR own home. I'm thinking with 26 women that would be a sight.

So just weigh in, write it down on your calendar, and we'll talk in a week. (Or knowing me, we might talk sooner.)

I really do think this is going to be kinda fun. Thanks to the joys of FB, the women (we'd take men!) involved are from all facets of my life. Sally P. used to go to church with us in Plano, and is married to a guy I grew up with. Several of these chicks walk in the 3-Day with me. Some I know through the girls' school. Others from random adventures through the years. And a couple of people I don't know how I know.

One note about the FB connection. I'm kind of in a phase where I'm cautious about the whole "friend" thing. Over Christmas, I was introduce to a slightly creepy side of FB that I haven't quite gotten over yet. So.... I'm a bit hesitant about who I "friend." I've gotta see who we know in common -- or know how you found me -- or something. Twitter is different -- it doesn't seem quite as invasive, you know?

Tip of the Day: I don't know that I'll have a tip every day that I blog, but I do have lots and lots of material after years and years of the whole "get in shape" thing.

Today's tip isn't really a tip, but I should tell you I'm a firm believer in Advocare vitamins, and that they will be factoring into my 25 pounds in 21 days. I do not sell Advocare. I do not sell anything. My Honey and I have made a deal that I will never sell anything again. (I want to make sure to get that out there.) I get mine from Suzi Bruin, who has a "distributorship" under Clint & Krista Liller. I also know that if you're in Plano, Stephanie Scott is the one who introduced me to Advocare about 7 years ago. I know. Seems like forever.

They have a great herbal cleanse (as great as an herbal cleanse can be) if you're looking for a jump-start. I use the MinsMax3 vitamins -- but must confess I'm most often too ADD to take the entire packet in a day. I used to think the caffeine made me a bit wired, but apparently it's the B-12 vitamins. My new best friends. AND Kayren clued me in to the fact that the Acedopholis (sp?) makes you poop. That may be TMI for you, but did you know that the longer your poop sits in your system, the more it contributes to your weight gain? You want to keep things mooooooooooooving on.

Lovely. I know.

So there's your tip for today.

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twenty-five Pounds in 21 Weeks??? You're On!

Okay. Here's the scoop.

When our kiddos started back to school in August, I hopped on my bike. I rode and I rode and I rode. And things were rockin'.

Until October 18. On that day, in the middle of a training walk, I found out the Mimi was in the ER -- and things kind of turned upside down.

I did continue to make progress -- just not as quickly as before. By Thanksgiving, I had lost 12 pounds. Not bad. That was 12 pounds in 14 weeks. But then we went to Grannie Nelva's, and things just haven't been the same since.

Five of those "lost" pounds have been found.


But hey... I had a great Christmas -- and now I'm ready to get on it again.

A friend (who shall remain nameless until she's ready) and I have decided to lose 25 pounds before school's out. That's 25 pounds in 21 weeks -- averaging 1.19 a week. This is so do-able.

So who wants to join us?? Are you in???

Let me stress -- I've done it all. Boot camps, South Beach, Adkins, Weight Watchers, etc. It's a long list. But what has really worked for me has simply been exercise and cutting out the "junk" we all love to eat.

So no, I'm not going to do some fad diet. If you want to, that's great. I'm just thinking this will be so much better if we're all in it together.

To start, I have a VERY healthy pot of vegetable stew in my crockpot. I'd love to give you the recipe, but I really don't have one.


Organic Chicken Broth
New Potatoes
Baby Carrots
Green Beans
Italian Seasoning
Red Pepper Flakes
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
Protein-enriched macaroni

Ideally, it would also include:
Kidney beans
Garbanzo beans

... And I rode my bike 14 miles this morning.

I'll share ideas if you will. Who's up for the challenge???

Update: More "Scoop." The end date is June 1. If you're "in," send an email to dlynbiggs (at) yahoo (dot) com. Or comment on my FB post.

Next, weigh yourself tomorrow morning. Butt-Nekkid. Yep. No earrings. No clothes. Just you and the scale. Don't send me your starting weight. I don't need to know.

We'll weigh again next Wednesday morning. Same Drill. At that point, send me how much you lost this last week. Remember, if you round "up," there's going to have to be some rounding "down" at some point. And please share what you did to lose the poundage that you lost -- exercise, eating whatever.

I'll "publish" your amount lost -- First name, last initial. Yes, we're going to share. That's where the accountability part comes in. Besides, what fun are the milestones if you don't have anyone to share it with???