Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I guess someday we will look back on the last couple of months and think fondly of something. But I'm not quite sure what.

As I write this, Kait and I are parked at the Dermott (officially known as Brookout) Cemetary. I know it wouldn't be what most would consider a Rest Stop -- or rather a short-term Rest Stop. But for us, it works.

Biggs and Abbie are about a half mile away, waiting for a deer to walk by. We're supposed to pick them up at the back gate at 6:00 and judging from the lack of shots I'm guessing they won't have company with them.

Abbie got her first deer yesterday evening -- a nice little doe that she brought down with her Pa's rifle. I'm not sure who was more excited -- Abs or Biggs. We have pictures on her camera that will hopefully run in the local paper.

This trip has been a much-needed step away from "reality." Jacquie is home from the hospital, but a degree of uncertainty continues to hover over us. The doctors never have determined what is wrong. Just that something IS wrong.

Biggs and I attempted to fly to London for a few days, but only got as far as Virginia before they turned the plane around due to all the ice at Heathrow. Even so, a day spent in the airport was kind of an adventure in itself. But knowing we had "wicked" seats to Wicked that went unused was just plain hard.

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