Sunday, October 10, 2010

We'll Miss You, Miss Faye!

Today a sweet friend of mine went to be with Jesus. While I have no doubt her invitation to Heaven was dated today -- and she most certainly would have arrived on time -- the rest of us weren't at all aware today was HER day.

Had I known today was going to be HER day, I would have most certainly taken her picture at the soccer game a couple of weeks ago. There she sat, squeezed between Mimi and I, cheering on Erin and Abbie -- her two favorite soccer players. She LOVED my Abbie.

Had I known today was going to be HER day, I would have made sure that picture included her red hat -- which perfectly suited her character.

I didn't know then that today would be HER day, but I didn't hesitate to let her know I was glad she was there, and that I loved her, and that I wished she'd done a bit better job of brain-washing Abbie this summer. Had to razz her about that one.

Today was HER day. HER day to toss the limp that's been bothering her of late and stroll proudly through the gates of Heaven. HER day to be received by the rejoicing of angels and friends gone by. HER day.

Miss Faye, I will miss you. I'll miss your ready smile and your voice as you cheered on Erin and Abbie. Thank you for being part of our lives. You never failed to make us feel loved, and we loved you dearly in return.

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Anonymous said...

So Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You did a wonderful job of "escorting " her to heaven with your words of comfort. Pam