Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Princess Guide: This Week's Goal

Hi ya'll,
Last week our goal was to get 19 team members to the $1300 mark -- to have everyone who is committed to walking, no matter what, at the $1300 mark -- or higher.

Well..... We didn't quite get there. BUT without goals, you don't get anywhere, right? So.... Here we go with another goal.

Let's see if we can get these 19 walkers to the $1500 mark by next Sunday. Remember, each of these walkers has made a commitment that they will raise $2300 -- or they will self-donate the balance.

Now, I like the way my friend Cyndi Swords puts it. "I know I'm going to have to self-donate. I just need your help to make sure it's as little as possible."

To help any of these walkers with their fundraising, click here. And then click on the one of their names!!!

Christine Adams
Kayren Babcock
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Mindi Hamell
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Amy Martin
Melissa Martin
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janis Pace
Kimberly Pease
Janice Riley
Kay Routh
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb

1 comment:

Kayren said...

If my checks would show up on my total I would soo be there! 2 weeks!!!!