Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Princess Guide: Sometimes....


Things don't go as planned. For the last week, I've needed to post this picture....

... And tell you all about walking in Houston's Race for the Cure last Saturday with 30,000 of my closest friends -- including two of my very closest friends and one incredible 10-year survivor who out-walked all the rest of us.

And I've meant to post this picture.....

.... Of extremely cute headwear that Team Tiara totally needs to copy for the 3-Day.
I have succeeded in posting a quilt for sale on Ebay or my blog every day. Until today. But that's going to have to wait until tomorrow....
But there's something that can't wait for tomorrow....
I know all I do is talk 3-Day around here, but I'm guessing by now you know that's what goes on this time of year. And if you're still coming back for more, I guess I haven't run you completely off yet.
In case you aren't familiar with the 3-Day, in order to earn the opportunity to walk 60 miles in three days, sleep in a tent, and shower in a converted 18-wheeler, every walker must raise $2300.
If a walker hasn't raised $2300, he or she must commit to raising it by the first weekend in December. If the money isn't raised by then, the walkers do a self-donation.
It's the X-Games of Fundraising.
We have 19 team members who have made that commitment, but have not reached the $1300 mark. That means, if the deadline on that self-donation thing were today, each of them would have to donate more than $1000.
So Not Cool.
If you haven't donated to the 3-Day yet, please consider donating in the name of one of these walkers. Just to to and click on one of their names.
Christine Adama
Kayren Babcock
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Mindi Hamell
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Amy Martin
Melissa Martin
Pam McGuire
Kori McEwen
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janice Riley
Kay Routh
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb
My goal is to help each of these walkers reach the $1300 mark by next Sunday. Can you help?

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, D'LYNN! I am halfway to my goal after 2 more donations and that really excites me. However, I must make it to 100% of my goal in order to take off from work, make and pay for travel arrangements and leave my other commitments to support and cherish the idea of bringing a CURE for breast cancer. I would definetely appreciate any donation to my website. Read my story at:

The 3-day is all I talk about, think about and work toward this time of the year too. D'Lynn thank you for caring enough to post this blog about so many others who would like to walk too! Blessings, Pam McGuire