Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Princess Guide: Odds and Ends

Here are a few odds and ends for this week.... More to come!!!

For Our Fans:
You can find out all about the 3-Day Cheering Stations at this link. Nothing beats a 3-Day cheering station. You REALLY should come out and be a part!

For Our Walker-Stalkers:
We are so glad you're going to be a part of this weekend!!!! Walker-stalkers are a HOOT, and we can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeves! We have Dresser T-shirts for you to wear on Friday if you want, to help us honor one of our corporate sponsors. You can get those from me at Babe's, or you can get them on the route on Friday from Kelley Blake driving the Boobie Mobile (black Expedition.)

You will want to bring an ice chest if possible. We will stock it with caffeine and a few other necessities. And we have a few treats planned for YOU!

You might want to bring: Sidewalk chalk, costumes, boas, noise makers, etc. Anything fun!

For Team Tiara:
Babe's: Your family and friends are welcome to join us at Babe's! If you're bringing "goodies" for the Goodie Bag Swap, here's how we're going to do it.

Please bring your "goodies" in a gift bag or tote bag that can easily be passed around the room. Suzi Bruin is providing the take-home bags for everyone on our team. We'll pass those out first. Then, we'll pass the gift bags around. We'll "stagger" those around the room to help prevent bottlenecks.

Please try to make sure at least one "veteran" is at each table to help answer questions. And "veterans," pelase wear a Victory shirt.

Have your cash ready when you get there, so you can pay for your dinner as Andi and Patty check you in.

Credentials -- Print out those credentials! If you have a credential holder from last year, bring it. If not, you'll get one at Opening Ceremonies. It's always a great idea to have a cool lanyard to hang your credentials on.

Luggage -- This year we are encouraging you to put all or most of your luggage on the luggage trucks at Opening Ceremonies. This is the easiest and best way to make sure your luggage arrives at camp before you do. If you're lucky, the tent fairies may even bring your luggage to your little home away from home! We can still leave the random pillow or whatever in our support vehicles, but this really is the best way to manage it all.

If you want the tent fairies to have any chance of delivering YOUR luggage to YOUR tent, please label it clearly with your name and tent number. AND make sure it has wheels.

Decorating Your Tent -- You can decorate your tent however you want! If you want an easy idea, pick up 1 1/4 yards of animal print fabric at Hobby Lobby. You'll drape that over the top of your tent and secure it with binder clips. This is a great way to go with our "Wild" theme for 2010 -- and a great way to distinguish your tent. Suzi and I are using zebra stripe for ours.

Friday Night -- Change of Plans: Plan to wear your 5-Year Celebration Shirt to diner on Friday night! Team Tiara will be recognized at Camp Program! Be in the Dining Tent at 7:00 p.m.!!!!

Saturday Night -- Change of Plans: Saturday night we'll wear shirts from Dresser, one of our corporate sponsors. We'll need to get a picture made with our shirts on as a group. These shirts are short sleeved, so you'll want to bring something to layer under them. We have a mix of pink and black. If you're at Babe's, I'll have the shirts there. That way you can go ahead and get them in your luggage.

Meals -- We're planning to have the Abby Caddaby balloon at the meal tent, so it'll be easy for you to find where we're all sitting. So look for Abby the Fairy.

Feet "Spa" -- Last year, I found the GREATEST trick. Pack four large Ziploc bags with Epsom salts in each bag. Like maybe half a cup in each. When you go to the showers, take those with you. Right before you get out, fill them with the hottest water possible then seal them up. When you get back to your tent, soak your feet. It rocks.

Speaking of Showers -- Bring shower shoes! Last year, some chick pee'd in the shower. Blech! And don't forget to take your credentials to the showers. No credentials -- no towel service.

Color of the Day -- Remember, Friday is Turquoise, Saturday is Pink & Brown, and Sunday is Hot Pink & Black.

You've Got the Power! -- Don't forget to bring batteries / chargers for your phone, camera and other other "stuff" you use. You'll be able to use the phone chargers in our support vehicles. There will also be a charging station sponsored by Energizer in camp. Please note: Any chargers used in our cars will need to be labeled clearly with your name.

Transportation To / From Dallas -- Please shoot me an email if you have extra space in your car, or if you need a ride. Include what time you can leave. If anyone is coming through Ft. Worth, Kim Pease really needs a ride over to Dallas.

Hotel Thursday Night -- Please shoot me an email if you have extra space in your hotel room, or if you need a room for Thursday.

Power Walkers -- If you have raised over $3200 -- all under your name or split with other walkers -- please let me know by end of day Tuesday! Thank you!

Let's Talk About Next Year -- Registration is already open for 2011. You can register at Use the discount code CURE2011 to save $35 off your registration through November 23. If you're walking this year and register by the time we leave camp on Sunday, you'll get a "3-Peat" Legacy Pin!!!

You don't have to walk! You can always CREW!!! CREW Members ROCK -- and don't have to raise the $2300!!!! However, CREW fills up really quickly -- so register soon if that's what you want to do!

I'm adding a second walk for 2011. Right now, I'm looking at DC in October. If you'd like to join me on that adventure, please let me know. One caveat: If you find it difficult to raise $2300, please don't take on $4600. We will not be doing "Team Fundraising" for the additional walk. Basically, I'm just inviting you to join me on my vacation. My Team Mom hat will not be in my luggage.

Don't Forget your Sports Bras!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! -- Help eliminate trash in camp, and keep your cocoa really warm by bringing your own reusable mug. Mine's the Aladdin kind -- warms your hands while you warm your tummy! Also, don't forget to bring your own water bottle. The 3-Day does not supply water bottles.

Bring Breakfast for Friday A.M. -- The 3-Day does not provide breakfast for Friday a.m., and the hotel breakfast bar will not be open. When you check in, you can ask them for "Breakfast in a sack." However, it's a good idea to pack a granola bar or whatever that you can eat for breakfast. When you get up at 4-something a.m., it's a long ways to lunch.

More to come!

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