Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Princess Guide: I'm asking for just one more week.....

"Pink-tober" is about to come to an end, and while it's been a good run, we're not done.

I know many of you are ready for the pink to fade, and you'd just as soon move right on into red and green. I know my friend Ann is looking forward to wearing red in November. And of course, my favorite color for fall is MAROON. But...

I'm asking you to hang in there with me one more week. I'm asking you to stretch Breast Cancer Awareness out just a bit. I'm asking you to stay "In the Pink" for just one more week.

One more week -- surely you can handle that, right??

Here's the deal. If you can hang in there with me just one more week, your pink will stand out all the more against all the colors of fall. You will have an opportunity to tell friends and colleagues that you're supporting this crazy chick from Fluvanna who walks and walks and walks to find a CURE.

If you hang in there with me one more week, you'll help reinforce the idea that breast cancer awareness isn't just about wearing pink in October -- it's about finding a CURE so that Ann and Susan and Susan and Bridgette and Saralyn and Sherry and Cheri and Ken and Melissa and Linda and Elva and all the rest in a way-too-long list of Survivors will be able to enjoy the fall colors for many years to come.

If you hang in there with me one more week, you'll have opportunities to send your friends to or where they can learn about Team Tiara and this crazy adventure we're on -- and make a donation for a CURE.

I'm just asking you to hang in there with me one more week. To wear pink every day through next Sunday. To stand up and stand out for a CURE. Will you help???

Last week, I asked you to help me help 19 team members reach the $1800 mark in their fundraising. This week, we're going to shoot for $2000. The walkers who need your help include:

Christine Adams
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Heidi Draehn
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Pam McGuire
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janis Pace
Janice Riley
Chris Roggeman
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb

We have made incredible progress -- raising over $17,000 in the last three weeks. BUT we still have a long ways to go!

So please stay "In the Pink" with us. Share with your friends and family what we're doing. And don't forget to pray for us this week!!!

Big Hugs,

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