Friday, October 15, 2010

The Princess Guide: Giving Myself Permission

Hi ya'll,
A couple of weeks ago, my friend Holly prayed over me -- that I would be able to give myself permission to not worry about things being perfect. To not have to have everything done to a crazy level or whatever. To have the freedom to make choices.

That prayer has meant so much to me this week, of all weeks.

This week has been long. Too long. A week that started out with such promise went the other way. It's been a week that's been both emotionally and physically draining. A week when I have had to set aside a lot of things "Tiara" for time spent with friends and family.

And that has been such a blessing -- to have the freedom to do just that.

I had originally planned to tell you the story of each quilt as I put it up for auction on Ebay, but it hasn't worked out like that. I CAN tell you that the quilt I just put up is another Old Red Barn Quilt-Along quilt. If you want a quilt that combines different styles and talents -- and is beautifully quilted, this is your quilt. It's truly a masterpiece. You'll find the link here.

If you want to see the other goodies we have on Ebay, look to the right side of the listing. Under "Seller Info," there's a small line of type that reads "See other items." If you click there, it'll bring up ALL the items we have for auction -- including several Bobbie Anderson originals and a terribly cute piece of glass bra art.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Enjoy the auctions!!!
- d.

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