Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Princess Guide: You've Got Mail!

All Right, Gang!

If there is one blog posting you need to forward to everyone you know, this is the one. At the end of the day, when you've walked 20 miles, drunk enough Gatorade to drown a grown elephant, and showered in a converted semi-truck, there's nothing better than news from home. Or friends.

I still have the cards my friends and family sent me on the walk the year Mom died. And I'm still getting teary just thinking about them.

Wow. They were perfect.

So.... Here's the scoop.

3-Day walkers, can, do, and NEED to get mail on the walk!

The address is:

3-Day for the Cure
Attn: (Insert Name of Participant)
P.O. Box 6244
McKinney, TX 75071-6244

You can send mail from now until just a few days before the Walk.

Your Challenge for Today:
Take this opportunity to send your family and friends an update about the 3-Day. Remind them that you're walking, tell them how close you are to your goal, and let them know you'd LOVE to receive mail from them on the walk!

What I'm Doing Today:
I'm off to ride my bike -- hoping to beat the storms!

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