Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Princess Guide: Your "Why" Determines Your "How"

I wanted to start off this morning by sharing this video with you.

I love it. It's definitely Kleenex-worthy.

Yesterday, I asked you to make a list of why you're walking in the 3-Day -- or better yet, why you're walking with Team Tiara!

It was kind of your homework.

A lifetime ago, back in my Homemade Gourmet days, I learned that your "Why" determines your "How."

The easiest way I can come up with to explain this is that if you have a really big "Why" for doing something, you're going to have a really big "How" come as a result.

My "Why" is huge. I lost my Mom. My girls lost their Granny. I don't know that it gets much bigger than that. I don't live with a constant fear of breast cancer or anything like that -- but what I DO live with is a constant awareness that it could strike our family again.

I've found my "Why." And my "How" is to do the 3-Day. Not just walk the walk, but to walk the walk, talk the talk, and do whatever I can to stop this disease. I don't stop at raising $2300 -- that's not enough. I'll raise every penny I possibly can.

What's your "Why?" And what's your "How?"

Your Challenge for Today:
We need a super-fun, money-generating challenge. Lucky for you, I think I have one. And it's good for the environment, as well as the Boobies.

How about you contact all your friends and ask them to save the aluminum cans from their Labor Day Barbecues? You can collect those early next week, sell them, and boost your fundraising! Be sure to let them know that if they aren't having a barbecue, they're welcome to just make a donation to your fundraising!

What I'm Doing Today:
I did 12.75 miles on my bike today and the warm-up for Insanity. I love that quote in the Insanity credits "You should never exercise beyond the level you feel comfortable." Ha!!

I know I'm not following the formula for 3-Day training, and I really hope you are. My feet just aren't where we can tackle that right now. But I'm working on it -- and bound and determined to knock off these 20 lbs., so my feetsies have an easier trip on the 3-Day!

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