Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Princess Guide: Want One of "The Girls?"

Hi Ya'll!

Remember last spring, when my friend Amanda and I were driving up and down Hwy. 290 twenty times a day searching out the best places to take pictures of "The Girls?"

Remember how we made those pictures into a beautiful calendar? (Which you can still buy for $20 each, by the way! They run through December 2011 and make GREAT Christmas gifts!)

Well... Here's the deal. Beginning October 1, Team Tiara will be selling "The Girls" at auction to raise money for this big, stinking fight we're in against breast cancer.

Seven of the quilts will be sold at the Team Tiara Gala on October 2. The only way to guarantee you get one of those beauties is for you to be present at the Gala. However, circumstances being what they are, I know some of you may be in Timbuktu. So.... Between now and then, I will be featuring those Seven Quilts on my blog.

If you would like to place a pre-bid on any of them, I'd love to help you with that. You can send an email to On the night of the auction, one of our loyal subjects (er, spouses), will happily bid in your place.

Serious inquiries only, please. You have no idea how crazy things are around here right now.

So.... Drumroll, Please.....

I think it's only appropriate that the first quilt I show you is our "Cover Girl." Pink Baby Dreams was created by Simone Grillo, our dear friend and owner of Threadart ( in Cypress. Opening Bid is $100. Remember, all monies raised will go to breast cancer research, education and help for those who battling this disease.

Please specify the name of the quilt in your email.

We had a blast with this quilt. And a lot of adventures.

This picture is the "final shot" we chose for the cover:

But this picture was the one that stole my heart:

Loved this one, too!

And, oh! The Easter eggs! (Carla and Grant gave me that rocking chair when I graduated from high school.)

And check this out.... This picture was taken in the exact same place as the one at the top -- just a week earlier. It's crazy the difference a week makes with the bluebonnets!!

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