Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Princess Guide: Walker-Stalkers Needed!

Hey guys!
Kayren Babcock, Alexia Rodriguez, Amy Martin, Kelley Blake, Andi Ginn and Patty Peters are managing our onsite support during the Breast Cancer 3-Day this year (November 6-8.)

They are looking for several fun peeps to help with walker-stalking. You can do it one day or all three, solo or team up, bring a friend along with you. it's as much or as little as you want it to be.... BUT it's a vital service for our walkers! (This year we have 79 walkers on our team, celebrating FIVE years of walking the 3-Day -- and over $350,000 raised for breast cancer research!!!)

The ideal walker-stalker drives around in a well-decorated vehicle with room to carry stranded walkers from our team -- and give them a ride to the next pit stop or let them join in the fun for the rest of the day.

They'll have homemade signs, or streamers, or noise makers or pom-poms or costumes or all the above. They cannot be afraid to yell the word "Boobies" (in all manner of applications, i.e. "Save the Boobies!") in public. Men and children are also encouraged to be walker-stalkers. Silliness is a plus. Fun is a MUST.

During the walk, if your knees are hurting, or your blisters are bigger than Dallas, you're welcome to join the walker-stalkers and cheer on the rest of the team members!

Team Tiara will supply each support vehicle with the "necessities" -- mainly caffeine and chocolate.

If you can help, please Kayren (kayrenbabcock (at) and/or Alexia (alexiarod30 (at) know. They'll get back in touch with you soon!!!

Love ya'll!
- d.

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Kayren said...

Great pics to use for walker stalkers and save a life grope your wife was one of my favorites from last year!