Friday, September 3, 2010

The Princess Guide: Paige Miles Rocks!

Hey gang!
I'm still bouncing off the walls over Paige performing at the Team Tiara Gala!

Do you know.... She started singing in church at age 5?

Do you know.... An awful lot of kiddos in Fairfield know her as "Miss Paige?"

Do you know.... She's moved to LA and is working on her Debut Album???

I can't wait to hear her sing at our Gala!

Your Challenge for Today:
Yesterday, your challenge was to order your Gala Tickets. Today, your challenge is to get all your friends to order tickets!!!

What I'm Doing Today:
I did 16.5 miles on my bike today -- with my new padded bike shorts. I've never worn those before, and the best way to tell you what they're like.... Well, it's kinda like having a couple of Poise pads in your shorts. Or at least what I think that would be like. A bit awkward, but boy, did it help!

The girls and I are headed to the MotherLand tomorrow, so we've been running around getting ready. We had to find the riding helmet and all sorts of other stuff. We're going through Dallas to have lunch with some of our Team Tiara family, and are so excited about meeting up with them! Babe's Chicken, here we come!!!

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