Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Princess Guide: I'm in Love. Again.

As of today, I've been married 12 years, 362 days. Happily married. Blissfully married.

BUT.... I've just fallen in love again. With

I'm not even going to tell you how late I stayed up last night making business cards. You can use 50 different pictures..... Narrowing down all these years of the 3-Day into 50 favorite pictures??? CRAZY.

But, Oh, I can't wait for my cards to land on my doorstep. Each picture evokes a memory. A story. A warm, fuzzy feeling. And while it may look like me, me, me, me, me.... I soon realized it would create a bit of confusion if I had my favorite picture of Dione Beilgard on the back of one of my cards.

Not all of these made the cut, but here are my faves....

Team Tiara 2008:

I've always loved this picture. Each and every team member brings something to our team. Lisa Street brought "The Sign."

'Nuf said.

Linda takes my Mom to San Diego with her.....

Opening Ceremonies 2008. Carrying a flag was the coolest thing ever.

The Memory Tent. Instant tears.

All those walkers united in one effort.

Team Talent Reunion 2008 -- 1 mile out. This is right before I got trapped in the shuttle van.

Closing Ceremonies 2007. The year we lost Mom. Our first year as a "Real Team."

Suzi & I with Jenne. 2007.

Sunday morning. 2007. Biggsy and the girls surprised me. I'd lost my Mom's bracelet -- and needed that more than anyone ever knew.


The sign wasn't meant for me -- but so what???

Suzi & I 2007.

Opening Ceremonies 2007. Dang, it was cold.

Team Tiara 2007.


Sunday morning 2009. "Water Feature."

Memory Tent 2009.

Team Tiara & Team Talent. Together Again!

Love those tents!

Michelle kept me going.

Mom shows up every year:
How cool is this car???

With Amy & Cissa -- Arriving at camp.

Cissa & I pose with Amy & Meghan. Team Talent strikes again!
With Joan and Kim.

With Lois & Cissa -- at Lois' house. Team Talent strikes again!

With Linda -- she helps me make sure the Tiaras get to the people who need them the most....

Love this picture!
Had to get this picture -- we took the kids to see Mary Poppins last year!

Where were you??

Dione, Amy & Robin.... How could you not do this Walk???

Team Tiara 2009

The Talent. LA 2007. One of the most incredible experiences of my life!

Man, I miss that Stephanie!

We will win this war!
Tears. Gulp.

Three Aggies. Three Walkers. Three women who lost their Moms to "The Beast."
It doesn't get much cuter than this.....
Love these girls! I walk for them!!!

Really doesn't get much cuter than this....
I use this sign every year.....

With Cissa-girl.
Suzi & Cissa -- more Team Talent!

Walkers turned Walker-Stalkers ROCK!

I walk for my Mom.

She shows up everywhere.....
Michelle Olson ROCKS!

Gonna miss Lisa Street this year!!!!

Kayren, sister of my heart!
Dione -- a woman with a Passion.
Cheri -- She's Fighting for her LIFE.
Amy -- My Boobie Sistah.


Kayren said...

Gosh how would you ever pick? I love that last one though! No I love lots of them! I so wish I could have started this journey from the beginning with you... I am so glad to be on it now though! Love you and congrats on making it to year 13 with Biggsy... I knew you when!

Nicole said...

Isn't Moo fantastic? A bit more than other places, BUT the photo mix is worth it! I just ordered some of their mini cards, but now may have to order some photo versions thanks to your inspiration! And loved your photos. Thanks for sharing and hope to meet you in Dallas this year! :)

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

I am a picture taker by heart, a Creative Memories consultant by profession for the last 12 years so when I saw all your pictures...I drooled. I can't wait to take my own. Is it safe to take my own fabulous camera with the extreme zoom (no change of lenses or huge bag or anything like that). Will I get sick of carrying it on myself all the time? I hauled a pretty heavy backpack through Disney for 8 days, all day long, about 10 hours a day. I'm just wondering. I think I'm going to need more than a fanny pack, prob a small backpack. Is this unadvisable? I'm a first time walker, walking in DC with my best friend. She lives in MD but neither of us has any family close by to be "runners" for us (loved your plan for that). What do you think? Backpack or not? We could probably take turns, me and my bff. And I could always pull the cancer surgery/scar tissue/pain/could you carry the bag card - lol! Seriously, would love some advice from an experienced walker(s) ~ other readers feel free to chime in. Thanks!

D'Lyn said...

Heather, Kayren and I've been talking about how I need to do a camera post. I can tell you this -- I travel light. Even a loaf of bread gets heavy after 60 or so miles. The first year, I had this HUGE fanny pack that we all affectionately refer to as the Butt Truck. The thing was... with a big something like that you feel obligated to fill it. And everyone else feels obligated to help you fill it. And it was heavy! I really would go with a small, portable camera. I know it's not going to take the best pix ever, but there are so many variables out there -- especially with weather and crazy firemen spraying you with water. Remember, even at Disney you weren't walking the entire time. You got to rest in lines or on the rides. And seriously, your back, feet, shoulders, etc. will hate you if you carry too much. Remember, this is an incredibly taxing event -- both mentally and physically.

I know I'm an opinionated little fart -- but I hope that helps.

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Thanks!Will take under consideration. 2 weeks to go!