Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Princess Guide: Grace

Monday's blog had me up on my soapbox. And then yesterday I asked Kayren to throw in her 2-cents. And I know ya'll are probably getting a bit tired of hearing me say, "Share the Wealth," but I've got to tell you something.

I am not a Democrat.

At all.

Don't even get me started -- it's pretty scary.

I just don't want you to think that my whole "share the wealth" philosophy as far as the 3-Day goes makes me a Democrat.

(Oh, I could so easily get up on another soapbox about this, and I won't, but did you know if you look at charitable giving, Republicans as a whole far outweigh Democrats??)

Anyways.... Before I get in any deeper.....

We've begun studying the Holy Spirit and Grace at church -- both weighty topics that many churches are afraid to address. I think it's because there's this general idea that there's no way we can completely understand the Holy Spirit, and that we need to steer clear because we don't want to get it "wrong." BUT.... I firmly believe that God can and does give us the right words. AND I also firmly believe that He allows us to hear the truth as we need to hear it.

I know, I know.... Land that plane.

I was just thinking about how in many ways 3-Day donations and grace have a lot in common.

Many, many of us have been the joyful recipients of anonymous or random donations under our names. When that happens, the sense of wonder comes over us -- it's not like we "earned" these donations, or even like we asked for them.

If you've ever been the recipient of that, you know what I mean.

It's a lot like grace. No way have we earned the grace that we are given -- and we'll never earn it. In many cases, we haven't asked for it -- so many times we're afraid to -- how can we be worthy of something so incredible?

But here's the deal..... Just as we are given grace, so should we give it to others. I think the 3-Day is like that. If you've been blessed to reach the $2300 -- think how much more joy you'll feel when you pass that on???

I'm sure this looks like apples and oranges -- like the mundane vs. the anything-but. But maybe not???

Just something for you to think about!
- d.

Your Challenge for Today:
I didn't do a challenge yesterday, because I really wanted what Kayren said to sink in. Anything I would have added would have just watered down what she had to say.

So I gave you a break. BUT today you get a challenge.

Today I want you to make some sort of business card or bookmark you can take with you while you're training. It needs to tell people what you're doing -- and tell them how they can donate for this year -- or go ahead and register for the 2011 walk. Give those to everyone you pass / meet while walking! Hand them to people you meet while running errands! If you want a "fancy" solution, check out this company.

What I'm Doing Today:
Sweating. I did 14 miles on my bike yesterday and 20 today. I've got more balls in the air than the circus. BUT.... It's all going great~

If you haven't registered for the Team Tiara Golf Tournament, it's this weekend! Don't miss out!

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