Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Princess Guide: Don't be a Duck!

If there's one thing you don't want to be in life, it's a duck. Especially if you're on the 3-Day.
When I ride my bike every morning, I have this little route I follow. I go to the back lakes and ride a bit, then I come back to the older part of the neighborhool (bigger trees = better shade) and ride around a while. And I make 2-5 laps around the big lakes towards the front.
And the ducks... Oh, the ducks... Every day I have to play Dodge Duck.
This big, white, ugly duck walks into my path every single day.
Do you have any idea how much ducks poop?? It's scary, really.
And we've got a LOT of ducks around here.
If I ding the bell on my bicycle, they walk in front of me. If I Whoop and hollar at them, they walk in front of me. If I try to sneak by the ones who are asleep, they wake up and walk in front of me.
Dodge Duck. Every day.
Listen folks, you can't be a duck.
When you're walking, you've got to be aware of who's around you at all times. And it's hard -- oh, it's so very hard. When you're on Day 3, Mile 45, you can't think straight. Your body is numb with exhaustion. Your brain is shot. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other.
But that won't work -- you've got to find a way to stay alert. You don't want to be a duck. The Ya-hoo driving the car that you walk in front of may just plow you over.
Your Challenge for Today:
Ask your boss if you can host a jeans day at work. Co-workers can pay for the opportunity to wear jeans to work. You can provide snacks (with a pink theme!) in your office kitchen / lounge / waiting area. Be sure to include information about the 3-Day and why you're walking. And please don't forget to include information about breast cancer awareness. (You can get a LOT of that from Komen.)
What I'm Doing Today:
Yesterday two different situations really brought home why what we do is so very important. My friend Tracie had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. She's my age. And my friend Suzi learned that a contact of hers had been diagnosed with breast cancer. HE is waiting for test results that will show how far it's spread.
Ya'll listen up. This disease is a BEAST. It's spreading. It's hitting men. It's hitting women. Young and old, it doesn't care. It MUST be stopped.
Yesterday I road 18.5 miles on my bike, but today is a "day off" for Bible Study. We're starting that Beth Moore Believing God study I told you about a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait!

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Kayren said...

Great idea about hosting a wear jeans day! And I don't want to be a duck but I would love to be close by when you are dinging your bell, whooping and dodging ducks- I bet it is very entertaining! As for the 3 day mile 45 on day 3 is one of those... are we there yet... and just keep walking just keep walking areas- but oh the finish line is sooo close compared to the other days! Great post friend!