Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Courage"

I'm sure you've guessed this already, but it's not the Gala or the Calendar or anything else that makes these quilts special. It's the other way around....

The stories behind these quilts will make you laugh, and they'll break your hearts. It's the stories behind the quilts that make the Calendar and the Gala and everything far more than they ever could be otherwise.

The story behind our "Courage" quilt is so much more than we shared in the Simply Pink calendar. This quilt is the October 2011 "Calendar Girl" and that's just great.

We wrote: "Courage" Created by Hope Heaton and Rhonda Ward. This quilt features Rhonda's beautiful embroidery and her faith that we will find a cure. Rhonda is currently in treatment for breast cancer and proud to be called a Survivor.

What we didn't write? Before we did the calendar, I had no idea who Hope Heaton was. I had no idea how precious her friendship would become. I had no idea that Hope would be one of the biggest champions of our calendar.

Last spring, Hope opened Nana Bear's Notions -- a quilt shop on the Square in Snyder. This woman, with a fledgling business and a heart the size of Houston, has regularly closed her shop to take Rhonda to Lubbock for chemo. I want to be like that. I want to be the kind of woman who sets the unimportant aside for unselfish acts of service. I want to be like Hope.

If this story, and quilt, have touched your heart, and you'd like to make an advance bid, you can send that to me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net. The quilt measures 53.25" x 54".

This is the picture of "Courage" that we used for the calendar:

And these are some of the outtakes:

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