Friday, September 24, 2010

The Princess Guide: Aunt Betty

"Aunt Betty" is the next quilt I'm going to profile. I LOVE this quilt. You can't really tell by the pictures, but this would be the perfect quilt to snuggle under during the winter. It's a very heavy quilt. And it's completely different from any other in our collection.

"Aunt Betty" was created by Jacklynn Bodungen of Katy, Texas. She says, "I made this quilt to honor a very special person in my life, my good friend and neighbor, Devon. Devon's Aunt Betty is currently waging a courageous battle against breast cancer. I lovingly chose the backing for its words of strength -- Hope, Faith, Love and Charity."

In the Simply Pink quilt calendar, "Aunt Betty" was the November 2011 quilt. This quilt measures 48" x 52". Opening Bid is $100.

If you'd like to place a pre-bid on this quilt, please email me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net. Be sure to list "Aunt Betty" as the quilt you are bidding on. Remember, the only way you can guarantee you win this auction is to be present at Team Tiara's Gala on October 2. Details can be found at

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Kayren said...

I want this one!!!!